Sunday, January 21, 2018

The time is now

Yesterday, January 20, 2018, I went to a Shaklee conference.  My prayer partner, who was there from Ohio, and I met through Shaklee about 8 years ago! I dreamt of sharing Shaklee with everyone I knew back then.  I joined events all the time online. I went to one Global Conference in Anaheim, CA, and was so jazzed up only to be deflated when I got home.  Yesterday, was educational.  It got me thinking about my goals.
I shared my 2018 goals with you in another post. If you read that, you saw that this is the year, I decided to finish projects that I started and didn’t finish. Now, I will admit I was thinking about craft projects and house fixing, etc.
Well, yesterday during the conference, several speakers mentioned time usage, goals and I thought of this one.  So, I decided, (and am tell you all this now, because I haven’t told anyone yet!) that I am going to pick up this unfinished project too!
I heard about 3 self-help books that speakers suggested.  I will be hunting these down to listen to or read when I am on my bike trainer doing my knee rehab.  Someone mentioned Tony Robbins too. (Did you know I went to one of his conferences, it was AWESOME?!?!) And, Did you know Tony Robbins has an app? It’s called BREAKTHROUGH.  
This morning on my 32 minute bike trainer session, I downloaded the app and did the “Wheel of Life” session (test?).  So, later today or whenever, I can login and watch or just listen to what Tony has to say to help me in the areas I want help with.  I think I am going to start with the physical aspects of my life this month.  I want to get back to using Shaklee vitamins to heal my gut and help my body stay strong.  And with rehab, I am already working on my body anyway. 😝
The time is now!  I want health and wealth in all areas of my life.  Thank you Team Glacken for a great day of learning and dreaming.
Here’s to a great Sunday and start to a new week!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Mid-January already?!?!

Here we are, January 12 already.  What a crazy month it has been?  Kids are getting ready for mid-terms in another week.  The gymnastics teams first competition is this weekend.  Levi has his first of two winter camp-outs this weekend.  And I am starting day 12 of Whole30!

It has been a little tougher this time because I have not been able to do the planning I had hoped.  I did find Lara bars on sale at the local health food store. I like to have them on Massage work days when I don’t always have time to sit down and eat lunch.  I did stock up on meat in November and December, so have only needed to get fresh veggies and fruit most days!  

Love this new cookbook, I got for Christmas!  Have tried a couple of recipes, cannot wait to try some more of them!  I also just got the Fast and Easy cookbook from the library.  I need to try some of those recipes too.  I think I am going to put that book on my birthday wish list.  😜

Have any of you tried Rx bars?  These remind me of the Power Bars from the 1980’s!  Only they don’t taste like paste.  These are treats too and a bit more expensive than Lara bars.

I have seen my Physical Therapist three times since surgery and good things are happening!  My knee is still a little swollen, but I am only 3 weeks post op!  My PT says I will start running in another 3 to 4 weeks!!!!!  Woo hoo!

Yesterday, I interviewed for a new job.  I love working at the Wisconsin Athletic Club, but I am not making enough money to pay my bills AND save some for a rainy day.  Sooooo, way back in 1997, I took a class and became a Certified Nursing Assistant.  Back then, that meant I helped the nurses by taking vitals on residents or patients.  I also fed them, bathed them and helped with all sorts of other tasks.  Things have changed some in the last 20 years.  I got a job at a senior living center and will get my certificate for a Community Based Residential Facility. I guess with additional training I will be allowed to pass meds with a CBRF? The great thing is that I can keep my job as a Massage Therapist and will most likely be able to continue working with the little kids too!

I best get going. I hear the dog whimpering to go outside.  Yesterday we got in a 1 mile walk at 6:30 in the morning. It was 51.degrees outside on January 11!  Today I hear the wind howling...Feels like 4?!?! Brrrrrrrr!

Off n Running,


Friday, January 5, 2018

Five days in...

I am feeling good, tempted but good.  We still have Christmas candy and treats in the house. Today I got home from work and was ravenous!  

I joined the Whole30 email list again. Got some fun Whole30 “clip art”.  I like this #JanuaryWhole30 picture.  I put it up as my Facebook profile picture.  

I also love this calendar picture.  In November, days 4 & 5 we’re spot on. This time that was off by a couple of days.  Lol.

 This was my dinner one night. My DH was out of town.  I made the chicken meatballs and noodles for dinner.  Kids are the real noodles and I Spiralized zucchini for mine.  I still have a bunch of Wildtree spices, so I made my own spaghetti sauce with the Hearty Spaghetti Blend.  It was good.

Off n running,


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Goals for 2018

Good morning,

Did you all have a great first day of 2018?  I think I did.  The only glitch was being invited last minute to a dinner party.  We were served lobster and steak!  Couldn’t say no, could we?!?  🤪. Surprisingly, I stuck to my Whole30 plan pretty well.  There were giant shrimp appetizers along with olives and nuts, these I could eat!  I passed on the cheese and crackers.  The nuts might have non-compatible ingredients and I am not sure what spices were on the shrimp?!?!  The salad had a dressing that may have had questionable ingredients, too.  But,  I stuck to the plan as best as I could. Today is a new day...

I did sit down with the girls and we wrote out our goals for 2018.  One of my goals is to do yoga every day.  At this moment, the only yoga moves I may not be able to do are kneeling ones, as my surgery points are not healed fully yet and the knee is still tender.  I see my Physical Therapist this afternoon and the doctor tomorrow.  Will ask them both their advice.  Last summer, my sister-in-law introduced my to Yoga with Adrianne on YouTube.  She is doing a 30 Day Challenge!  How perfect!!!  I signed up to get her daily email, so I can quickly find the sight and do my practice first thing in the morning.

This Selma’s page.  Some pretty good goals for an eleven year old.

Emily put up some nice goal too!

What are your goals/plans for this new year?  We just got to day two, there is still time to set some goals of your own!  Especially with this cold snap we are having.

Here’s to your resolutions!  

Off n running,


Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year, welcome 2018

Today we hang the new calendar.  Set our “resolutions “ and look forward to the newness of what a year can bring us.  We might also make time to look back on the past year or years and remember the good, the bad and the ugly.

I wish you all a successful year ahead no matter what you do today or plan to do in this new year.  Make it be fun and adventurous.

Off n Running,

Friday, December 1, 2017

Whole30 wrap up 

Happy December 1! (Note edited and posted January 1, 2018!)
Today is day 31. I have been eyeing this drink for a week. Our Elf brought it. 
I had a small cup of this with my breakfast.  I am going to step on the scale at the club where I weighed in last month for the MAINTAIN DON’T GAIN CHALLENGE.  Saw my friend yesterday and she thought I lost some weight.  (Weighed in at home. Scale said 155! Weighed in at the club got 3 different weights on the same scale.  What the heck?!?!)

This month my goal is to get on my bike for 20 minuets a day until my surgery and maybe after if doctor and PT say it’s ok.  I lost the exercise sheet he gave me to be in top form for this event.  I would like to be strong going in so that recovery time is short!

January 1, 2018

December went quickly.  We took our first college tour with Emily(swimchick)!  We toured University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  This is where I went to college.  The tour was cool and informative.  After we met up with my nephew for lunch.  We then headed to my sister-in-laws for our first Christmas celebration.  It was so relaxing and fun.

December 21 was my meniscus surgery.  I didn’t go in to the hospital until 2:30. Surgery was around 5:30?!?!  We were back home by 8:30pm.  I went to see the Physical Therapist at 9am the next morning!  He told me I was his fastest ever surgery to therapy.  With Christmas so close to surgery, I didn’t want to wait too long.  🤪

We decided to stay put for Christmas and travel for New Year. It was relaxing to stay home with the kids and take in the holiday.  We went to celebrate the holiday with my family this past weekend.  Spent New Years Eve at home watching the ball drop and planning my Whole30 menu.

I hope to be Off N Running again soon!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year readers!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Elf on the Shelf

Our Elf on the Shelf, Red, and the goodies he brought the family, including the dog!
Do you have one?  We got ours a few years back, PeeWee was 4 I think.  She and I were at Target and I saw them and somehow one got in our basket!  LOL!

Every year over Thanksgiving, our elf "Red" shows up with gifts for the kids.  Usually simple eats and drinks, maybe a new Christmas Mug.  This year because we had my parents anniversary and were out of town, the neighbors who take care of our guinea pigs set up Red.  He brought drinks and a new collar for the dog!

If you have your own Elf, you know that it travels to the North Pole every night to report on the children's behavior to Santa.  These Elves are called scout Elves.  And we are not supposed to touch them or they lose their magic.  We have had several close calls in the past, but Red has always showed up in a new location every morning. 

Yesterday, when the neighbor kids got here (they ride the bus with PeeWee, to and from school every day.), they found Red sitting on our bookshelf holding the Magic 8 Ball.  Everyone found him right away and wondered what he was asking it.  The neighbor kids LOVE this 8 ball!  O, the 5 year old neighbor boy, likes to ask the 8 ball non-yes or no questions and throw on "YES OR NO".  Like, What is Red's favorite color, yes or no?  Or where is Red going to hide tomorrow, yes or no?  When we correct him, he replies, "but I said Yes or No?"

After school, I was working on getting dinner on the table and I went into the living room to ask them something, and I saw O holding the Magic 8 Ball!  I asked him where he got it from and he said the Elf.  I scolded him, knowing full well that if PeeWee found out she would be devastated.  I asked him if he touched the Elf when he took the ball - no answer.  I explained that you are not supposed to touch the Elf, because he loses his magic when you do.  O said, "Maybe I touched him a little bit."  Gasp!  So, our Elf did not move last night.  He is still sitting with the 8 ball back in his lap.  I pray that O learns a lesson in follow rules and realizes what he did was wrong.  We will see.  

In the mean time, after the kids went home last night, PeeWee and I were talking about the incident.  She said, "Sometimes I want to punch that boy!  He doesn't listen and he doesn't get into trouble. On the bus, because he is a K5 kid, he is not supposed to go past this area and every night when he gets on he does it.  He always gives me this look too.  It makes me so mad!"  (My kids are all rule followers, and know that if they don't follow the house rules there will be consequences.  They don't understand why all families are not like that, honestly, I don't understand it either!?!?)  Anyway, last night I was at work and got a text from PeeWee saying she thinks Red heard her saying she wanted to punch O.  Poor kid.  I replied saying she should tell Red that she was mad and really didn't mean it.

Now, what to do about this Elf business!?!?  Wish us luck on getting our Elf's magic back so we can have a great Advent season and prepare our hearts for Christmas!

Off n Dog Walking,