Thursday, November 9, 2017

The test results are in...

I am not sure how much I have shared live and how much I have plotted to share in my head!  BUT... Some time in September, I think, I FINALLY made an appointment with the Physical Therapist.  Last August, the pain in my leg/hip/knee got so bad I could hardly walk. So, I stopped running.  I thought I will give it a rest and stopped cold turkey.  I was still working my office job and sitting a lot.  I felt like and 80 year old woman getting up from that office chair.  In January, the Mother Runners at Another Mother Runner, offered a "STRIDE INTO THE NEW YEAR" program to kick start 2017.  I joined in the fun.  I got onto the facebook group and started the program.

This is a run/walk program.  I had never done that sort of program before.  I am a go out and hit the pavement hard kinda gal, usually.  Since my fall in 2014, I have learned to slow it down.  I do not have to be the fastest.  Take time and look at the scenery, is my new mind set.  The first couple of days went well, then I started running more and walking less.  My knee didn't like that at all.  I think I made it half way through the plan and stopped.  I was so disappointed.  I was really hoping to do some running this year.  I wanted to defend my age group title at the Run for the Paws in July!

As usual, life, husband stuff, kid stuff, work stuff all took over my plate.  We adopted a dog and taking her for walks has been my main form of exercise this year.  I did join Burn Bootcamp in June for a free month, but there were days when my knee was not happy about that!  Started doing a program with them again in September, and that is when I said ENOUGH ALREADY!  and call E my Physical Therapist.

I made a series of appointments with him.  He gave me some exercises and stretches.  I pulled 2 days of standing at events/work.  And by full days, I mean I worked at Petfest from 8am until 6pm and mostly stood the whole time.  Then next day, I had a 12-8 shift at my job behind the front desk, no sitting there.  Saw E the next day, and was in so much pain!  He did some testing and sent me to see the Orthopedic Doctor.

Last week I had a MRI on the knee, and could not get in to see Doc until yesterday.  E was right, Doc was right, I have a torn meniscus.  Doc said his scheduler will give me a call.  Now we wait.  My DH was not pleased with this diagnosis.  So, now we wait!  I pray that I can get it repaired before the new year.  Then I can recover and start planning my comeback.

Off n Running,

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Day 7 - Morning

Good Morning,
What a week it has been at my house!  I am sorry I let you (my readers) down.  I really planned on sitting down at this computer every night to recap my Whole30 progress and here we are a week into it and I have blogged, what twice?!?!  SO SORRY.

My son, is a Freshman.  He was invited to earn an extra class credit this school year, by being in the Jazz Band.  The Jazz Band meets BEFORE school 3 days a week.  This cuts into my blogging time.  LOL!  My son is also a Boy Scout, and I mentioned he played for the school soccer team.  He intends to go out for the tennis and the baseball team this year, too.  Boy Scouts meet every Monday from 7-8:30.  He was lucky enough to go to the National Jamboree this past summer.  He met boys from all over our great nation.  He still Snapchats with some of these fine young men.  About a month ago, he was on a camping trip and got to see some of the Jambo boys again.  This is the price I pay to have well rounded kids!  LOL!

My oldest daughter, swam for the team at Sectionals on Saturday.  She got best times in both her individual events (200 Freestyle and 100 Backstroke).  She swam the last leg of the 4 X 100 Freestyle Relay, and swam a 0:59!  She is still in shock about that one.  She will be going to the State meet this weekend, as an Alternate for the Relay that qualified.  Then on Sunday, I am going to sit down with her and we are going to start working on her Girl Scout Gold Project!  I will try to blog about that another time.  If we are lucky we can get her schedule her presentation to the Girl Scout Council in December or January.  This will be her off season time, before she starts Track in the Spring!

And let's not leave out my baby girl.  She goes to a local gymnastics gym two times a week.  She LOVES gymnastics!  We were told that as an Xcel gymnast, there will be a National competition this year.  So, my PeeWee has set the bar high and is working hard to get there!  As a family we have never been to Tennessee!  Her Girl Scout troop is planning a Winter Wonderland Brunch.

I worked a bit extra last week on top of running these three superstars all over the place.  And I stuck to the Whole30 plan!  On Saturday, we were tempted to just go out for dinner after a long day at the pool.  I looked up a couple of restaurants on my smartphone and got to their menus.  We would be that annoying couple making so many substitutions, that we decided to just go home and make hamburgers.  I had those in the freezer!  I also had some potatoes, that I sliced up to make homemade fries.  I "whipped' up the "legal" ketchup recipe and we had a nice dinner.

Shoot - I have to go walk the dog, before getting my boy to Jazz band!  Check in with you all soon,

Off n Running,

Friday, November 3, 2017

Day 2 recap...

Happy Friday everyone,
Tomorrow is the Swimming Sectionals.  Tomorrow is the day we find out if our Swimchick goes to state again this fall or not.  She seems pretty relaxed about the whole thing, and ready for tomorrow.

Today is day 3 of the Whole 30 for me.  Today has been tough!  I had to work, and didn't bring along my lunch leftovers.  Now I am "starving"!

Yesterday, Day 2, I had leftover chicken hash for breakfast, leftover chili for lunch and I made shrimp fried cauliflower rice for dinner.  Everyone LOVED it.

Off N Running,

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Whole 30 day one recap...

I made it through day one!  I had a massage client come in and hand me two Hershey Nuggets, "to recharge before your next massage".  How sweet, but I did not eat them!  Super proud of myself on that one!

I made the chili from the Whole 30 book for our supper one night this week.  I had a very long work day, so I did the crock pot version.  A few things I would do differently next time: 1) When I brown the meat, I will not crumble it so finely.  As leftovers, this is too fine!  2) If I am going to cook this all day in the crock pot, I might not brown the meat all the way, so that it can cook a bit more in the crock.  3) The recipe says to put the seasonings in the pan with the onions.  Again if crock potting this, I think I might just put the seasonings in the crock, because I can't taste any chili flavor!  The family has not really commented on this dish, so I am not sure what they thought of it.

For Day 1 Dinner, I made the Chicken Hash recipe.  This took WAY longer than 15 minutes prep!  I can see now that having a meal prep day is going to be key to stay on this program.  This dish was DELICIOUS!!!!  Everyone in the family loved it.

I had 3 eggs scrambled with some mushrooms and peppers.  For lunch, I had leftover chili.  I think I had more water to drink on Day 1 and that helped me feel fuller.

I will try to get photos and page numbers of the recipes for you next time!

Off n Running,

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Whole 30 here I come...

Don't you love it when things start to come together?  A few years back, I learned of this program called Whole 30.  I requested the books by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig SEVERAL times from the library.  I might have paged through them even, before they were due.  Way back in 2002, I was great about cleaning up my diet.  I lost 18 pounds just from cleaning up my diet!  Then baby number two came along and I gave into the cravings and here we are 15 years later, and pushing the scale to limits I am not yet ready to talk about.  😐

Sometime in maybe August, my Dear Husband came home and told me about his Bus Buddy being on this "new" program called Whole 30.  Bus Buddy's whole family is on this amazing program.  Bus buddy looks unrecognizable!  Thanks Bus Buddy, but really where were you in 2014, when I needed you?!?!  😉

Bus buddy did the Whole 30, looks amazing, or so I have been told, and now his family is eating mostly Paleo.  Because Bus Buddy looks amazing and told my DH how easy it was, once you got past the first week and detoxed out the bad stuff, DH has decided to go on the program.  Seriously, I have tried several programs to clean up my our diet, but DH wasn't having it.  I heard, "I need meat and potatoes and sugar!"  Well, DH started last Monday and seems to be doing ok.  I needed time to read IT STARTS WITH FOOD and look into menu planning for the family with these "new" recipes.  I told DH, I am going to start on November 1.

SO, here we are!  It is November 1, and I have been up since 5:30am.  I just finished my 3 eggs scrambled with mushrooms and sweet peppers.  I made up the classic chili recipe last night for dinner and have packed some leftovers for my lunch.  DH has picked out a recipe from the WHOLE 30 book for dinner tonight.

Here is what I need from this... to get sugar out of my system.  I am a junkie and crave the poison so badly!  I still think I have a candida overgrowth and cutting the sugar will help with that.  I am convinced that the sugar I eat has also attributed to the hip/knee problem that I have.  So I hope to use this blog as my sound board and get some help from others who have succeeded on the Whole 30.

So, I want to kick the sugar to the curb.  As a result, I hope to start the healing process on my leg issue, which will allow me to run again.  Running again will lead to weight loss.  These are all that I hope to get from this program.  I am bringing the family along, whether they know it or want to, for this journey.  I am praying that this will be a plan we stick to and keep the sugar out of the diet!

Wish us luck, hope to be Off n Running again SOON,


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Photos from the school year...

I have not posted in FOREVER!  I love sharing pictures and am going to share a few today.  Happy Sunday everyone!

At a movie in the park.  Milwaukee skyline at dusk!

We got a dog this year!  PeeWee and DH took her for a car ride in this picture, I think!

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 2017-18.  Junior, Freshman and 5th grade!

Took in a few soccer games...

On the 50 mile bike ride with Boy Scouts

A fan at one of the Cross Country meets!

Our dog, Lanie.  Rescued in March or April?

Boy Scout Court of Honor

PeeWee always doing gymnastics.

Off N Running,

Friday, October 27, 2017

Soccer Season is over

 I love this photo of my Buddy.  It was one of his first High School photos and the one were I looked twice to see if that was really my boy!  He has grown up so much in the last year.

He decided to go out for the soccer team this fall.  He spent time over the summer at Captain's practices to get ready.  Our school doesn't have enough boys interested in the sport to field two full teams, so many of the boys play on the Varsity as second string.

After "Hell Week", Not sure why they call it that, as they only practiced once a day for 2 maybe 3 hours.  The swim team meets twice a day for 2 weeks, but I am not the coach and I am not a player, so it is what it is.  Anyway, after the first week of practice, Buddy was in the top 10 for the fitness testing.  This meant he was going to get to play more on the Varsity team.  Or that is what I understood, anyway. LOL!

He did start all Junior Varsity games, when they had a team to play.  One day, I worked my schedule out so that I would come to the JV soccer game and see him play.  The other team wasn't there and when coach called them, he was told they forgot they had a game.  REALLY?!?!  How do you forget you have a game?  What a lame excuse.  The next week, there was another JV game on the schedule.  I was torn, do I go to the Cross Country meet to watch SwimChick or do I go to the soccer game to see Buddy play?!?!  He told me to go to Cross Country, because I am bad luck.  When I come to soccer games he doesn't play.

We did go to the first game of the regionals.  He did get to play part of the first half and we cheered loudly for the team.  They won that game.  I missed the second game of the Regional play offs because of cross country.  The team lost that game.

Great job, Buddy!  Now to gear up for baseball?!?!

Off n Running,