Tuesday, September 2, 2014

And their off...

Chess Master found a new shirt at Kohl's yesterday.  You can't see it well here but the chicken is talking to a box of nuggets.  He is saying "Bro, is that you?"

Of course PeeWee needed something new to wear too!  Never mind the bins full of clothes from cousins and big sis.  She picked out this top.  And we needed new shoes, she loved these.  

Swim chick is so tall!  Her bus came at the scheduled time of 7:24, and I am not sure but she might have gotten a new bus driver.  

So, now I wait for the the other two to get on the bus.  Planning out the day into mind.  Need to write it down...
Pray with my Prayer Partner.
Make all my doctor appointments.
Take a leisurely 5 mile run.
Look up stuff to do in Denver. (I leave in two weeks from today for the AMTA National convention!)
Clean up rummage sale mess.
Craigslist stuff
Find the top of my desk

That seems like a good start!

Off n running,

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day?!?! WHAT?!?! NNNOOOOO…..

From Wikipedia…
Thirty days hath September is a traditional English mnemonic rhyme, of which many variants are commonly used in English-speaking countries to remember the lengths of the months in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. Here is one version of the rhyme attributed to Mother Goose:
Thirty days have September,
April, June, and November.
All the rest have 31,
Except February alone,
And that has 28 days clear,
And 29 in a leap year.
Thirty days have September,
April, June, and November
All the rest have 31,
Except for February.
Other sources list the Mother Goose version differently:
Thirty days have September,
April, June, and November;
February has 28 alone,
All the rest have 31;
Except leap year, that's the time,
When February's days are 29.[1]

Where did the summer go?  I cannot believe today is the first day of September.  There were so many things we were going to do and now school starts tomorrow.  With that means a new swim season, a new soccer season and Dancing Princess would like to try Gymnastics.  (I may have to change her name here.  LOL!)

Last month, I quietly decided that I need to stop pretending to be training for a run and just get out the door already.  I put myself up to the challenge of running one or more miles every day for the month.  And I DID IT!!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!  31 days in a row I logged at least one mile, usually a little bit more.    I also did a few races in that month too.  Yesterday, I ran a 5k for a church festival.  It was a small field and I placed 3rd over all!  What the?????  It was my 10th race for 2014.

So, today is our last day of summer vacation.  My oldest two are not very excited to start a new school year.  My youngest, cannot wait to get back into it.  We got to meet their teachers last week.  My oldest, will be an 8th grader and is in a couple of High School classes.  I am officially worried about that!  One is Spanish, they started 7th grade in the freshman book.  That's cool.  So this year they will finish that book and she can take Sophomore Spanish as a freshman next year.  When she got her schedule we both saw Algebra 1 on it.  We still are not sure if that is a mistake, but the teacher seemed pretty nice.  He is a HUGE Brewer Baseball fan.  The floor in his classroom is laid out as the field.  That's kind of comforting too!  LOL!  We will see in October where she is and how it is going.

The other two kids will be fine.  My son, is starting in a new self driven program.  I pray that he gets his work done and we don't have too many fights about it this year.  I know it will be good for him and he will do well.

OK, getting back on topic...

As for me, tomorrow they all get on the bus and then what?  I hope to get into a running routine.  I really want to get back into the gym and meet up with a trainer a couple of times a week.  Maybe I will get back into that treadmill class I loved last summer?!?!  I really need to get into a yoga studio about 3 times a week to get these tight hips loosened up.

September Goals:  Last month was run at least 1 mile a day.  I am going to continue that streak.  I have been complaining about my diet for forever, so I am going to cut out dairy this month.  Dairy makes my mucus membranes go bonkers!  In 2001, I read a book written by Marilu Henner called TOTAL HEALTH MAKEOVER.  I had seen her on the Today show promoting a different book.  I got this one from the library and read it cover to cover.  When I got to the chapter about Dairy I had an AH HA! moment.  She talked about the "dairy sludge".  And how as humans cows milk is not properly digested.  It is also produced to bulk up baby cows.  I had a couple of flashbacks reading this chapter.

FLASHBACK #1:  I was in kindergarden when I had to have my tonsils taken out and tubes put in my ears.  This book said that kids drinking cow milk tend to get more ear infections!  AH!

FLASHBACK #2:  Drinking cows milk tends to get the mucus in your body to build up and go crazy! As a kid, we moved to a new town, new school.  My classmates used to sing song "AnnMarie Frances Ihm, oh great ball of Slime!"  I always felt like my nose was running.  I have a very nasally voice, that I notice when I am not on dairy, isn't as nasally!  FLASHBACK #2.0: As a senior in High School, we did a class night where they jokingly predicted where we would be in 10 years.  They predicted that I would be the new Wendy Whiner on Saturday Night Live!

FLASHBACK #3:  In college, I ran on the track and Cross Country teams.  I used to spit for distance.  You know the big loogies you really got to work up to get out of your throat.  I had team mates ask me to teach them how to spit!  Seriously, I really did!  How embarrassing.  I was also always doing a Farmer's blow on a run, year round, I always had a runny nose.  This I know now is from the dairy.

So, I stopped eating Dairy back in 2001.  Replaced it with some nasty alternatives or just didn't eat it at all.  Then of course over time, it crept back into my diet.  I have been pretty flemmy on runs this year.  I can't take it anymore.  So, bye bye dairy.  Was at the Co-Op last night stocking up with some yummier alternatives.  So here we go, Welcome September!

Off N Running,

Monday, August 25, 2014

Strider Half

This is the starting line, about 5 minutes before the air horn started the race!  Race time was 8:00am.  You can sort of see the fog in the trees in the distance.  And everyone looks sweaty before the race!

I started to hydrate on Thursday afternoon and continued until race time.  Our summer has been pretty cool as far as Wisconsin summers go.  So to complain about the humidity on race day?!?!  I think it was allowed.  (Then again I am going to enjoy the heat as much as I can after the freezing cold winter we have had.)

I have not been following any training plans this summer.  This is my 4th HALF marathon of the year.  As you may recall, I started the year with an injury.  (I thought it was my piriformis, turns out it was/is a hamstring thing!)  Any way, with all my crazy challenges this year, I have not followed a plan.  I have not seen much of a trainer or taken classes at the club I work at.  So, I go into these races with the goal of only crossing the finish line.  And so far this year, that is what I have done.

This is how I started my Saturday race!  I just need to finish.   As the air horn blasted, I pushed start on my Strava app and tucked it into my race belt.  And we were off.  Just me and about 1000 other men and women.  I put on my headphones and FUN. was running along with me.  After about mile 5, I decided that was enough music and tucked the headphones away.  Then I took in the race down the path, it was nice.  I wished for a breeze and a dry shirt!   

We hit the turn around and it occurred to me that I had not heard my app update me on my race time.  I have been enjoying the app, I like to listen for my splits.  I am not very good at even splits and tend to just run.  She keeps me charging forward!  

I crossed the finish line and took my phone out, only to see that it didn't record my run!  AAAAHHHH!!!!!  Seriously, I don't know what happened but it didn't record.  I had been using the app to track my month and now it will look like I missed a day of running.  

Thankfully there is a results tent and I could get my official time and stuff:  1:56.15, 6th in my age group.  Not to bad for not following a plan!
Sweaty selfie at the end of the race.

This was my 9th race for the year.  So I have 5 more to complete my 14 in 2014.  This was my 4th race in the Badgerland Strider Challenge too.  

I saw my friend, Sara there and met the dude who wears pink ALL THE TIME!!!!  I have seen him in many of my Challenge races and wondered what his deal was.  Sara asked him about it and he told us he just likes the color pink.  He also said he gets asked a lot about that and that he really likes girls too!  Poor guy.  He is funny and friendly, so if you are in the Milwaukee area and at a race, you will find him, I promise!  

It was a great day for a run with my friends, I hope to see them all again soon.  Until my next post...

Off n Running,

Ice Bucket Challenge

So, one day last week, my phone notified me that I had an Instagram message.  When I took the time to go to Instagram, I saw that I was nominated by SwimChicks friend for this Ice Bucket thing.  WHAT?!?!?!  There on the page was the friend with her mom, talking about ALS and fundraising.  My first thought was, "Are you crazy?"  But SwimChick was up for the challenge.

Here is what I found out:  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death. When the motor neurons  die, the ability of the brain to initiate and control muscle movement is lost. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed. (From the ALS website)

Someone started this Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for ALS.  Read about the challenge here.  It is my understanding, that if you are challenged, you have 24 hours to accept and post your video OR/AND donate to the cause.  I have not seen my nominees post their videos, so I guess ALS will be getting some nice donations from those 4 individuals!

I have seen a lot of my friends on Facebook posting their videos.  The buckets range in size and I have seen ice in some but not all.  It is all in great fun and to raise awareness.  Thanks for the challenge ladies.

Here are our videos:

We did it!  We challenged our friends and are waiting to see their videos!

I can't find ChessMaster's video.  :(. If you are on Facebook or Instagram, you can see it there!

Off n Running,

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Race 7 for the year!

I was once again asked by neighbor to run in their company race - ROOTS & WINGS.  She asked me two weeks ago about it and which race would we like to do.  I said the 10k!  She said, "Really, that's 6 miles."  Yup it is.  She signed us up for the 5k.

Today was the race.  What a beautiful morning.  Because of construction the race course changed from last year, I thought this year was much flatter.  And was just as fun as last year.

Not sure of my official time but my Strava recorded 24:40.  I am pleased.

Now I need to figure out what other races I can add to my calendar to hit my goal of 14 in 2014!

Off n running,

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Race update

So many factors play into running, don't they?  When I posted my plan in April, I had every intention to do every race I posted!  I don't remember why I didn't run THE CUPCAKE RUN for Mother's Day, but I didn't do that one.

Then I got a call that the next Family-to-Family class hosted by NAMI was going to start in May and be held on Wednesday nights!  I will explain what that is when I am at a computer.  (I am in the car now on my way home from "up North".  Posting this from my phone.)   So, I chose not to run the Super Run in June.  This means I need to register for the only Strider Race left in order to get my jacket!!!!!

I did do the Hartfest Half June 15 at 1:00 in the afternoon.  It was a great course.  Multi terrain: paved bike trail, streets, crushed rock/dirt, and a university track!  With the crazy weather we have had here in WI I don't want to complain about the heat, but it was a bit warm for a half marathon.  They did an awesome job with this race.  I might just do it again next year.  

This is my selfie after the race.  I am still figuring out this hamstring-glute issue and getting motivation to get my butt out the door, at this point I had not run/trained much.  I finished in 2:03, unofficially.  (Updated July 20, 2014:  Official time is here!  2:06.18)  I was totally motivated by my friends who had run the Summerfest Rock n Sole Half that morning.  

With the calendar refusing to stop flipping pages, I got a burst of motivation (still not sure what brought it on!)  I ran 3 miles every day this past week.  Thursday I was lazy and didn't squeeze in a run, but race two in the Strider Challenge was on Friday July 4!  I still can't believe how excited I was driving to the race that morning!  

I ran the Firecracker Four.  This was another fun course. We started at a park and wound through neighborhoods on a paved course.  Then we rounded the last corner and hit a soccer field to finish.  That was kind of awesome actually, because the course was lined with spectators cheering like crazy.  Talk about motivation to look good and finish!!!!  My unofficial time for that race is 23:39 for 4 miles.  Cool, my Strava app says I averaged 8:27/mile!  What a fun way to celebrate Indepenence Day!  (The race results are here.  I ran the 4 mile course in 33:41.  It says I placed 7th in my age group.  WOO HOO!!!!)

Then I drove home, packed up with the family and headed for the Northwoods.  

Yesterday, July 5, 2014 was the Run for the Paws.  It was their 5 year anniversary.  My sister is the race director and this year the race benifitted both the Forest County Humane Society and the Crandon High School Cross Country Team!  Awesome.   I helped at the registration table before hand.  Left my post long enough to use the Port-O-Potty and line up!  This too is a fun loop course.  There is a section where you go "off roading" and run past the Humane Society building.  This is a much smaller race than the huge ones in the Milwaukee area.  Most of my family comes and helps out and runs including kids!

I finished this race, unofficially in 25:40.  Strava says 8:16/mile!  Not too shabby if I do brag a bit myself!  I guess I earn bragging rights, I won my age group!  (Results:  Officially 25:30!)

My sister with two of her cutie pies running the race too.

Off n Running,

Monday, June 16, 2014

Another one in the books

Note: original draft date was 6/16/14!

So, it has been AGES since I made time to blog...

If you recall, I took a couple challenges on this year.  One with the local running club, where I signed up for 8 races.  I completed race number 2 over the weekend.

I did get to watch my friends run the Summerfest Rock N Sole races.  These signs were placed all over the course last year.  I took a few photos as a spectator!

So true!  Proud of all those who finished what they started. 

Thankful I didn't need to do this!

On Saturday June 14, 2014 was the inaugural Hartfest Half Marathon.  It was at 1:00pm!  It got hot and I got to work on my runners tan!  

I have been trying to fix my hamstring injury.  Found an awesome Physical Therapy place and have been trying to do my exercises daily.  (I forgot how to do some of them!). Because of the injury, I did not train for this half as I would/should have!  All in all I survived another half, and will do another one.

Results: 2:06, not bad, if I do say so myself!