Sunday, July 20, 2014

Race 7 for the year!

I was once again asked by neighbor to run in their company race - ROOTS & WINGS.  She asked me two weeks ago about it and which race would we like to do.  I said the 10k!  She said, "Really, that's 6 miles."  Yup it is.  She signed us up for the 5k.

Today was the race.  What a beautiful morning.  Because of construction the race course changed from last year, I thought this year was much flatter.  And was just as fun as last year.

Not sure of my official time but my Strava recorded 24:40.  I am pleased.

Now I need to figure out what other races I can add to my calendar to hit my goal of 14 in 2014!

Off n running,

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Race update

So many factors play into running, don't they?  When I posted my plan in April, I had every intention to do every race I posted!  I don't remember why I didn't run THE CUPCAKE RUN for Mother's Day, but I didn't do that one.

Then I got a call that the next Family-to-Family class hosted by NAMI was going to start in May and be held on Wednesday nights!  I will explain what that is when I am at a computer.  (I am in the car now on my way home from "up North".  Posting this from my phone.)   So, I chose not to run the Super Run in June.  This means I need to register for the only Strider Race left in order to get my jacket!!!!!

I did do the Hartfest Half June 15 at 1:00 in the afternoon.  It was a great course.  Multi terrain: paved bike trail, streets, crushed rock/dirt, and a university track!  With the crazy weather we have had here in WI I don't want to complain about the heat, but it was a bit warm for a half marathon.  They did an awesome job with this race.  I might just do it again next year.  

This is my selfie after the race.  I am still figuring out this hamstring-glute issue and getting motivation to get my butt out the door, at this point I had not run/trained much.  I finished in 2:03, unofficially.  (Updated July 20, 2014:  Official time is here!  2:06.18)  I was totally motivated by my friends who had run the Summerfest Rock n Sole Half that morning.  

With the calendar refusing to stop flipping pages, I got a burst of motivation (still not sure what brought it on!)  I ran 3 miles every day this past week.  Thursday I was lazy and didn't squeeze in a run, but race two in the Strider Challenge was on Friday July 4!  I still can't believe how excited I was driving to the race that morning!  

I ran the Firecracker Four.  This was another fun course. We started at a park and wound through neighborhoods on a paved course.  Then we rounded the last corner and hit a soccer field to finish.  That was kind of awesome actually, because the course was lined with spectators cheering like crazy.  Talk about motivation to look good and finish!!!!  My unofficial time for that race is 23:39 for 4 miles.  Cool, my Strava app says I averaged 8:27/mile!  What a fun way to celebrate Indepenence Day!  (The race results are here.  I ran the 4 mile course in 33:41.  It says I placed 7th in my age group.  WOO HOO!!!!)

Then I drove home, packed up with the family and headed for the Northwoods.  

Yesterday, July 5, 2014 was the Run for the Paws.  It was their 5 year anniversary.  My sister is the race director and this year the race benifitted both the Forest County Humane Society and the Crandon High School Cross Country Team!  Awesome.   I helped at the registration table before hand.  Left my post long enough to use the Port-O-Potty and line up!  This too is a fun loop course.  There is a section where you go "off roading" and run past the Humane Society building.  This is a much smaller race than the huge ones in the Milwaukee area.  Most of my family comes and helps out and runs including kids!

I finished this race, unofficially in 25:40.  Strava says 8:16/mile!  Not too shabby if I do brag a bit myself!  I guess I earn bragging rights, I won my age group!  (Results:  Officially 25:30!)

My sister with two of her cutie pies running the race too.

Off n Running,