Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 is here and one month is almost down...

Another Mother Runner booth.  Dimity and Sarah sold copies of their books for $5!  And then autographed them for us.  Woo Hoo!!!!!  This was the highlight of the expo for me!!!!!!

Good Morning,

I have been thinking about my blog a bit more the past month.  So much is happening and has happened, I need this space to journal and keep accountable.  I am not promising anything, but I would like to do that more.

A few updates…

My friend, D, has lost a total of 90 pounds.  If you follow me, you will remember it was a year ago that D and I had lunch and I told her about running.  Well, here are some details of her success as I know them.  We had lunch, before I left the house her hubby downloaded a Couch to 5k program on her phone.  (There are many out there, find one YOU like and follow it!)  We set a date to go to a Specialty Running Store.  I told her the importance of gear, shoes being a priority.  She bought her first pair of running shoes and I thought she was going to pass out!  (Remember, D is my most frugal friend.  She is the best at bargain shopping, that I know.  And running shoes, if you have never owned a pair are the most important gear for a runner and they don't come cheap.)  Thanks to Perfomance Running Outfitters for the help in fitting my new runner friend and getting her on the right foot out the door.  She loved you so much, she brought her hubby in later in the year for fitting too!

I posted a couple photos from her first race.  When we sat down last year, I told her all about the Magic of Disney!  Actually, D is my most Disney crazed friend too!  So she knows all about the Magic, she just didn't know about the runDisney site and that side of the Mouse.  We chatted about all the AWESOME hardware they give you after you cross the finish.  I am not sure I am crazy enough to do the Dopey Challenge, but I have thought about it.  Well, on January 17, D and I embarked on our first adventure to a runDisney race.  We borded a plane in Chicago and left the frozen tundra for warmer weather in drought stricken California.  And Disney wowed us with an amazing Tinkerbell Half Marathon.

Here are some photos…

On our way to the terminal from the parking lot!!!!
Sunrise our first morning there!  

Breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen.


At the Expo, got our race numbers...

Some of the goodies I bought there.  LOVE everyone of them!!!!!
I have an old friend who lives in the LA area.  I contacted him via Christmas Card this year and he called me to say he and his family had the weekend free.  He came to our hotel and became our tour guide!  We went into Hollywood and saw some sidewalk stars and the Chinese Theater, the Hollywood sign…  It was pretty cool for this Wisconsin girl.  The weather was AWESOME, too.  We left freezing temps in Wisconsin and had nice a toasty temps in Califormia, thank you very much!!!!!

To be continued…
Off n Running,