Sunday, January 8, 2017

Just signed up for a challenge

Happy Week Two of 2017!

How did week one go for everyone?  Remember I said I was going to blog more?  Sorry, time was not on my side, and the basement is cold, and ...  I was lazy and thought about posting several times.  I just didn't do it.

I also said I was going to start my better eating plan too.  Well, I found some candy and cookies and fell flat on my face off that wagon.

This morning, before taking my gymnast to her first meet of the season, I was trying to catch up on emails.  I subscribe to too many blogs and things, so I get behind in my reading/looking at them.  Today, for the first time in a VERY LONG TIME, I stopped and read a few that I have just opened then deleted.  Today, I read the post/email from Another Runner Mother.  I think reading it before made me feel bad because running was causing me pain, so I stopped back in August.  So, I didn't want to read all about other mother runners doing what I couldn't without pain.  Today I sucked it up and read the post.  Today was the last day to sign up for some of the fun training stuff they offer.  Last year, I was very tempted to sign up for their heart rate training program.  I was tempted because many of the mothers were saying they were able to run pain free.

Today, I took the plunge and signed up for the STRIDE INTO THE NEW YEAR Challenge.  It is a 35 day run, walk or run/walk plan.  I just printed it off and am putting it on the fridge when I get done posting this.

Today, my husband and I also got signed up for his companies insurance incentive program.  They have a new fun app to track your workouts and join challenges and stuff.  So, my "rally age" is 47, same as my real age.  With my Running program in hand, and my calendar a bit empty this month, I hope to lower that age before lets say April!

Some of the challenges I signed up for were to do Yoga twice a week.  Something I want to do for real, so hopefully this will help.  Declutter for 10 minutes.  This I want to do for real every day, the app says once a week.  Again, something I need/want to do anyway.  Eat more fruit and veggies.  Get enough sleep.  Do something creative.  This is a fun app.  Rally is part of our insurance incentive, does your company do this?

PeeWee is in bed and waiting for me to tuck her in.  Best get to that...

Off N Running,

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2017!

Remember me, Mama Kolb?  I feel as though I have been away for far too long.  Lots of changes in my life since 2014. Remember back then????  Life was simple and I was running and ... then I fell and broke my wrist!

God sure has a crazy way of changing the direction of your life.  After I ran the Wine and Dine Half Marathon, my neighbor/friend called me up looking for help at her office job.  I have known Mrs. P for at least 8 years now.  We met either on the massage table or at church.  She lives maybe 3 blocks from me.  She and Mr. J introduced us to dog fostering!  Well, anyway, when she called me way back in 2014, all I knew was she worked in an office.  I did not know where or what she did. She called me because she needed help for a week during Insurance Open Enrollment and maybe for a few other odd jobs. I took the job, thinking it might lead to something more, but oh well if it didn't.  

It did lead to more.  And thank goodness because maybe two weeks after I started I fell and broke my wrist.  I had to have surgery and couldn't do my massage job so this was great.  

Fast forward to October/November of 2016.  Something in me had had enough.  I heard blips of stories saying sitting at your desk was as bad as smoking!  What?!?!  Over the past two years, I put on at least 30 pounds.  A year ago, I signed up for a running challenge: to run 2016 miles in 2016. One of my massage clients and I made a team: Running Yogis.  (I was running and doing yoga a year ago.  That has since stopped, too.)  We were excited.  (Side note:  I ran the Lakefront Marathon in October 2015. It was painful.  Training was hard both mentally and physically.  I didn't lose any weight!  It was frustrating.  I needed a goal.)

I slowly got into a running grove again, but everything hurt.  I developed a leg issue.  I believe it is an IT band thing and saw a doctor about it. Starting Physical Therapy next week!  So by August of 2016, I stopped running.  Not sure how many miles the Running Yogi team really completed of the 2016, I only contributed about 500.  ☹️

Sometime in September or October, my Ironwoman neighbor found out about a new gym opening in our area.  Has anyone heard of Burn Bootcamp?  She won a free month trial and I signed up for their 30 days for $30! Man has that been tough. But amazing!!!!  I didn't lose weight but did lose inches.

This class/gym got me to thinking about my family, my lifestyle and my real dreams and goals. I decided that I need to focus on my health and my family again.  So, I gave my notice at my office job.  Starting next week, I will be working more at the Wisconsin Athletic Club. 

Today, January 1, 2017, I am working on my plan to become a better me. I am going to start with my diet.  I had success years ago with Marilu Henner's Total Health Makeover. So, I dusted off the books I have and started reading them this last week.  The 30 Day Makeover started on Wednesday.  Now to get my menus together and get some groceries to be successful.

Off n Running,


PS.  I wrote this early today.  It is now 5pm, and the kids and I wrote up our 2017 Goals.  I will post about them tomorrow!  One of my goals is to get back to blogging.  Wish me luck!