Monday, February 24, 2014

45 day challenge RESTART...

I was doing so well too!  Over the weekend, I get sick.  :(  I threw up and everything.  Light-headed, achey, and just plain yucky feeling all over.  Needless to say that won over my challenge.  I was really mad about it all too, as I was doing so well.  For those just joining me, read about my challenge to myself here.

Yesterday, I sat down with my calendar and my training plans and looked at the year ahead.  Or at least to my first race this Spring.  I am not sure if I told you all that I signed up for a running challenge with the Badgerland Striders Running Club in Milwaukee, but I took the plunge.  The challenge…  Run 8 of 9 races that the Striders host, starting with a half marathon on April 5!  (South Shore Half Marathon)  I looked at my calendar and the only race that I cannot commit too is the last one in November.  (If I am re-elected to the massage Board that I am currently on, we have something planned that day already.  AND if the Spartan Race is the same weekend as last year, that is the same weekend...)  When I cross all 8 finish lines, I will earn a Strider jacket!  AWESOME!!!!!  Plus I get all the race swag before that.  I see I am going to get some gloves in April.  I have been told they are pretty loud colored, that makes them even cooler!!!!  If you want to join me in the Super Strider Challenge, go here and sign up.  We can attend the banquet/party together.

Today, is day one of the challenge re-start.  I biked for 45 minutes and hope to start adding some strength stuff this week.  I really need to get into a yoga routine too.  Baby steps, and I will have the perfect work out plan.  As it is I have about 6 weeks, I think to get ready for this first half marathon.  I still have yet to see a doctor or chiropractor about my butt issue.  So that is on the adgenda for this week too.  One day at a time I guess.

Off n Running,

Friday, February 21, 2014

My training partner...

My beautiful bike, a birthday/mother's day gift one year.

We got the bike trainer back!  

So, my DH, I love him but…  A couple of years back, he had this contraption called a bike trainer.  OK, for those who know me, I am a farm girl.  I didn't have a good place to learn to ride a bike except for the grass and gravel roads!  I didn't know the difference in bikes until I graduated from college and some of my track and cross country team mates started something called cross training and triathlons.  What the heck is all that about?  I just ran.  

Fast forward back to this contraption my DH bought/inherited from someone, I can't even remember the story correctly.  Anyway, he got this thing, set it up one winter in the basement and used it maybe two times.  (Honestly, he had good intentions.)   He complained that it was crooked and clicked and was too loud and…  You get the point, I hope.  It collected dust in the corner.  Then two winters ago, he insisted that he would use a trainer all winter, if it worked correctly, to be prepared for riding into work all summer.  (In my head I thought YEAH RIGHT!!!)  So off to the bike store he went and came home with my new training buddy!  

Last winter, after I finished the Tyranena Half Barrel race.  I rested a few weeks, then my body started to morph back to flabby.  He had set up the trainer and used it a couple of days/weeks.  I asked him if I could use it and one morning before he went off to work he hooked my bike up to it.  Isn't she pretty!!!!  I used it quite a bit in February and March of last year to get back into sweating again.  Then the snow melted and I met with D to encourage her to start running and the next thing I knew the trainer was back in storage.  I completed 3 half marathons last summer and it was AWESOME!!!!

Here we are in this weird fridged winter in WI and I do not have the right winter gear to be out in the elements.  Summer clothes are sooooo much easier to come by, anyway, I am getting off topic.  And my DH lends the trainer out!  YOU DID WHAT?  I thought!  That is my training buddy, how dare you do that without talking to me and getting approval!!!!  OK calm down AnnMarie, I can go to the club and use their bikes and elliptical trainers for rehab.  That was ok for awhile, but the 10 minutes to the club and 10 minutes back cuts into my training and sleeping time.  SO, we had to ask for our trainer back.  

I set her up on Tuesday.  Today, Friday is my 3rd day of using her!  She is going to get a few good 45 minute rides in this next month as I get this leg/butt thing figured out.  Welcome back training buddy.  See you again tomorrow.

Off n Running,

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day, workout check in

It is 5:50am, I left the house before anyone else was up, so as of this time I have not gotten any Valentines.   I am getting in my 45 minutes of exercise though.  :)

I did make cards and treats for my husband and children.  If they have not been devoured by the time I get home, I'll take a photo.

Want to update you on my 45 challenge...  I have biked a couple of days, did yoga a couple and had to do Wii Fit U another.  We own a bike trainer and my husband loaned it out.  I want it back!!!!!!   I could just as easily bike on time trainer in my basement as come to the club and waste 20 minutes driving.

Cutting my bike today short so I can go home and make pancakes for my family!

Will update as i go,,,

Off n running

Monday, February 10, 2014

45-minute challenge starts today!

Yesterday was a fun filled 45th birthday.  I decided I have to beat the winter blues and get my body healed.  Staying inside is not fun!  So I set a goal, I small about those, and I do not want to disappoint my kids or myself.  

The challenge:  Do at least 45 minutes of exercise a day for the next 45 days, plus.  I picked 45 because it is my new sassy age.   Last summer, during a run, I did something to one of my butt muscles and it is still bothersome.  During this 45 day health kick in the pants, I WILL be searching out doctors and other healthcare providers to figure out what I did and how to fix the problem.

The challenge:  Clean up my diet!  I truly believe I have a Candida overgrowth in my system.  I currently have toe fungus  (eeewwww), and crave sugar ALL THE TIME.  The past two or three
 days, I have woken up with a yeasty smell on my hands.  Gross!!!!!  

So here we go....  I chose the bike today because it does not agrivate my butt too much! And I can blog and read while on the stationary bike too.  Almost at 40 minutes in and read my devotion, worked up a good sweat and finished this posting.  Not a bad start to my day.

Off N Running,

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Today is my birthday.  I was born on February 9, 1969 to Marilynn J Ihm and Francis W Ihm.  We lived in a small village.  Dad worked for a meat packing company.  Mom stayed home mostly, and worked part time at the church (I think!)  I am their first born.  As I hit this milestone date, and think of the past and the future, I wonder what they think of my turning 45?!?!

I mean really, in May my oldest will be 13 and I think, "When did that happen?  How can she be so big already?!?!"  Do my parents think that way too?  I pray that they look at that number and see how much I have grown and still need to learn, as I do when my babies have birthdays.  I also pray they are pleased with how I have turned out and how I am doing as a mom and parent myself.

I am not sure how I will celebrate the day…  I would LOVE to do a yoga class and soak in a hot bath.  We will see as the day moves forward.

Off n Running,

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Today, February 6, 2014 is the 20 year anniversary of my graduation from massage school!

Holy moly!!!!!!  That seems like a very long time.  I am not going to tell you about how I came to get to massage school, but I think I want to recap my journey from graduation to today.

Some know that I was still at UW-Eau Claire when I finished massage school.  I got hired in April, after a failed internship, where I also tried to set up a massage practice.  During my time with the university, I dabbled with my massage practice at two different salon/spas in Eau Claire.  One of the places was an Aveda salon, and sent me to learn about their spa services.  That was cool.  

The first chance I got, I took my test to become a Nationally certified massage therapist.
I was the only massage therapist for almost 3 years at the University.  I really loved working there.  I worked on students, faculty and staff.  I knew the Athletic Trainer, who promoted me to the athletes and coaches.  Thanks for that Jeff!

During my short time as a therapist in Eau Claire, I applied for a class in Florida on Sports Massage.  It was an extensive application, because part of class included setting up a clinic where we worked on the British Olympic athletes.  They came to Florida a few weeks before heading to Atlanta to compete in the summer games.  That was SOOOOO AWESOME!

My official ID Badge from class in FL.

In 1997, I moved to the Madison area.  I lived there for about a year and a half.  During my short stop, I sort of drug my feet at getting a massage practice started, because I knew that I was not going to be there long.  I did work a few months at a salon/spa there.  My schedule was tight and I couldn't give much availability.  It was very short lived.  Also, during this time I attended my first AMTA WI Chapter meeting and class.

After my engagement in February of 1998, I started looking for a massage job in the Milwaukee Area.  I told my future husband that I would really like to stay home with kids and do massage somewhere.  That would be my ideal.  I found two job postings in the paper, one at the Jewish Community Center and one at a YWCA.  They both hired me!

I started both jobs in September of 1998.  I LOVED going to the JCC.  All the folks there were so helpful and friendly.  There were a couple of other therapists at that location and we all shared one massage room.  Even those other therapists were friendly.  The YWCA was just the opposite. One massage room and two therapists. I was replacing a therapist who was starting her own business and her sister or was it a cousin, made me feel as though I was there to steal all the clients!  That was crazy.  And I vowed to NEVER make a therapist feel like that ever!  I didn't stay there for very long.

In 1998, the state of Wisconsin started better regulations.  This was the year we had to become registered with the state. So, I have been state certified/ registered/ and licensed since 1999.

The JCC was a great place to work and I was with them for 9 years.  They started a remodel project in 2004 (I think!). And it was to include a spa area.  I was excited to see the changes.  Then I got pregnant with my last baby.  That summer I found out about a new club opening in my neighborhood.  I was lured in by the FREE day care offer. 

In 2005, I applied to be on the AMTA-WI Board of Directors.  I was elected to be the secretary that spring conference.  I was the secretary until 2009, I think it was.  I stepped down because of the baby and the kids getting into school stuff.

For my next adventure, I applied to the Wisonsin Athletic Club and interviewed in September 2006.  The next day my doc put me on Maternity leave!  I re-interviewed in February 2007. Next month I celebrated 7 years there!

I really enjoy working for the WAC at this time in my life.  The pay is not as good as I had at the JCC, but I get free day care and membership.  I also have the opportunity to pursue my interest in personal training and yoga, with help from them.

Wow, 20 years...I have met a lot of great clients and therapists.  Thank you all. Here's to another 20, God willing!

Off N Running,

Happy Mail

A few weeks ago, my prayer partner sent me a forwarded message from this artist.  I saw at the bottom of the email, this blogger has an app called INSTANT PEP TALK.  I signed up, because it is a free app and who couldn't use an instant pep talk once in awhile!  :)

I really am enjoying these posters she creates.  I do not know a lot about this blogger/artist but THANK YOU!  I especially liked this poster.  It has been about a year now since my best friend and I had a lunch date that changed a lot in both if our lives.

A long story short, she cut off all ties and has moved on.  We were Girl Scout leaders together for 8 years.  I am still not sure exactly what I did wrong, but I too am moving forward.  It has been a year of changes and I am leaning on God more as I move forward.

This is not the first and I am sure not the last time I upset a friend.  Or one of us gets too busy, moves out of town, ...  This summer will be the 18th year anniversary of my meeting my husband.  He is the cousin of my then best friend.  Man, did I mess that relationship up at the time, over a boy even!!!!!!  I am not sure that I ever prayed on the situation and we have since moved past that weekend.  She was my personal attendant and witness at our wedding and a few years later I stood up in hers.  She lives in Northern WI, and I see her when we go visit family, so I am greatful for that and her friendship.  (She recently FaceBook messaged me about a 5k/half marathon in Eau Claire this summer.  I might help create another mother runner!). ;)

Anyway, if you get a chance you should check out the Instant Pep Talk app.  I know it is available for Apple devices, it is on the family iPad too.  You can set a timer so you get a reminder about it daily.  

Enjoy it for yourself and let me know in the comments here if you found a poster that speaks to you.  And if you have been enjoying my posts, please feel fee to follow me here!

Off n Running,

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tinkerbell half Marathon...

What a fun run…  If you have NEVER done a Disney race, you have got to save up for it and go.  Their expo is HUGE!!!  I didn't even get to see all the booths, because we wanted to meet my friend and tour LA.  As you saw in Friday's post, I went with money to spend and intentions of purchasing fun stuff.  I will blog about those items another time, for now  ON WITH THE SHOW….

The race was scheduled for 5:00am start time.  As with most big races I have attended this past year, the start line was by corrals.  The letter on your bib number is where you are slotted to start.  Do you see my letter?!?!?  How in the world did I get slotted for corral A?  I saw that if you plan on running a 2:30 or less time you got into corral A.  That's pretty cool, all my halves have been less than 2 hours.

I started with D in her corral.  Even she was shocked to see that she was slotted for corral C.  Pretty cool for her first half.  When you register for these events, they ask what you believe you will finish in. And they ask for proof of faster times.  So, I put on my registeration the Summerfest Rock N Sole time, and that I would be running in the Madison Mini and Brewer Mini later in the year.  We couldn't remember if D's only proof of time was ther Summerfest Rock N Sole 5K, or if she told them of her 10k time as well.  No matter, we waited our turn in corral C.  It was AMAZING!!!  So many people dressed up as characters.  We saw all sorts of fairies, Captain Hooks, Smee's, even some of the villains were there.

Many people can't believe they start the races so early in the morning.  Sometimes they have to start that early because of the heat of the day.  I think Disney does it to show off the lighting in the parks.  It is sooooooo cool.  Keeps you hyped up for the whole race, that's for sure.

At the starting line.  (Sorry its blurry!?!?!)
There were lines to meet characters:
The Incredibles

Now entering Magic Kingdom...

Me: Turn around, I will get you with the castle.
D:  What?  Are you crazy?
Me:  Yup!!!!  LOL.
(Her daughter made "Shwings" for her shoes.  They are cool!)

I HAD to stop and get a photo of the race namesake.

It's a Small World all lit up.  Oh, look a runner dressed as Tink in my photo too!

It was a fun race day.  We crossed the line together at 3:09.  D only walked at the water stations and even tried her first Clif Shot.  Told me she does not want to try something called GU. The name alone grosses her out.  LOL!

The finish line proof.  She did it.  I am sooooo proud of all she has learned in the past year and how far she has come.  Keep up the awesome work and keep sharing your amazing success story with everyone!!!!!

A close up of the medal.  Tink spins in the middle.  And this baby is HUMUNGOUS!!!

Now to save up for our Coast To Coast adventure in November!  Visit runDisney to learn more about this challenge and all the fun races they have to offer.  

Off n Running,