Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Mail

A few weeks ago, my prayer partner sent me a forwarded message from this artist.  I saw at the bottom of the email, this blogger has an app called INSTANT PEP TALK.  I signed up, because it is a free app and who couldn't use an instant pep talk once in awhile!  :)

I really am enjoying these posters she creates.  I do not know a lot about this blogger/artist but THANK YOU!  I especially liked this poster.  It has been about a year now since my best friend and I had a lunch date that changed a lot in both if our lives.

A long story short, she cut off all ties and has moved on.  We were Girl Scout leaders together for 8 years.  I am still not sure exactly what I did wrong, but I too am moving forward.  It has been a year of changes and I am leaning on God more as I move forward.

This is not the first and I am sure not the last time I upset a friend.  Or one of us gets too busy, moves out of town, ...  This summer will be the 18th year anniversary of my meeting my husband.  He is the cousin of my then best friend.  Man, did I mess that relationship up at the time, over a boy even!!!!!!  I am not sure that I ever prayed on the situation and we have since moved past that weekend.  She was my personal attendant and witness at our wedding and a few years later I stood up in hers.  She lives in Northern WI, and I see her when we go visit family, so I am greatful for that and her friendship.  (She recently FaceBook messaged me about a 5k/half marathon in Eau Claire this summer.  I might help create another mother runner!). ;)

Anyway, if you get a chance you should check out the Instant Pep Talk app.  I know it is available for Apple devices, it is on the family iPad too.  You can set a timer so you get a reminder about it daily.  

Enjoy it for yourself and let me know in the comments here if you found a poster that speaks to you.  And if you have been enjoying my posts, please feel fee to follow me here!

Off n Running,