Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tinkerbell half Marathon...

What a fun run…  If you have NEVER done a Disney race, you have got to save up for it and go.  Their expo is HUGE!!!  I didn't even get to see all the booths, because we wanted to meet my friend and tour LA.  As you saw in Friday's post, I went with money to spend and intentions of purchasing fun stuff.  I will blog about those items another time, for now  ON WITH THE SHOW….

The race was scheduled for 5:00am start time.  As with most big races I have attended this past year, the start line was by corrals.  The letter on your bib number is where you are slotted to start.  Do you see my letter?!?!?  How in the world did I get slotted for corral A?  I saw that if you plan on running a 2:30 or less time you got into corral A.  That's pretty cool, all my halves have been less than 2 hours.

I started with D in her corral.  Even she was shocked to see that she was slotted for corral C.  Pretty cool for her first half.  When you register for these events, they ask what you believe you will finish in. And they ask for proof of faster times.  So, I put on my registeration the Summerfest Rock N Sole time, and that I would be running in the Madison Mini and Brewer Mini later in the year.  We couldn't remember if D's only proof of time was ther Summerfest Rock N Sole 5K, or if she told them of her 10k time as well.  No matter, we waited our turn in corral C.  It was AMAZING!!!  So many people dressed up as characters.  We saw all sorts of fairies, Captain Hooks, Smee's, even some of the villains were there.

Many people can't believe they start the races so early in the morning.  Sometimes they have to start that early because of the heat of the day.  I think Disney does it to show off the lighting in the parks.  It is sooooooo cool.  Keeps you hyped up for the whole race, that's for sure.

At the starting line.  (Sorry its blurry!?!?!)
There were lines to meet characters:
The Incredibles

Now entering Magic Kingdom...

Me: Turn around, I will get you with the castle.
D:  What?  Are you crazy?
Me:  Yup!!!!  LOL.
(Her daughter made "Shwings" for her shoes.  They are cool!)

I HAD to stop and get a photo of the race namesake.

It's a Small World all lit up.  Oh, look a runner dressed as Tink in my photo too!

It was a fun race day.  We crossed the line together at 3:09.  D only walked at the water stations and even tried her first Clif Shot.  Told me she does not want to try something called GU. The name alone grosses her out.  LOL!

The finish line proof.  She did it.  I am sooooo proud of all she has learned in the past year and how far she has come.  Keep up the awesome work and keep sharing your amazing success story with everyone!!!!!

A close up of the medal.  Tink spins in the middle.  And this baby is HUMUNGOUS!!!

Now to save up for our Coast To Coast adventure in November!  Visit runDisney to learn more about this challenge and all the fun races they have to offer.  

Off n Running,