101 in 1001

This is such a cool idea, I just had to steal borrow it from Jessica over at Bliss & Balance.  (To be fair, I think she stole borrowed it too!  And I just searched 1001 days from today and a BUNCH of sites came up!)
So what is 101 in 1001?  It is sort of a bucket list of 101 things you want to do, be, share, make, or take in the next 1001 days.  That’s right, I said 1001 days.  That is about two and a half years, give or take a few days.  :)   These things can be as hard or as easy as you would like to make them.  I found the Day Zero Project site and you can make a list there or borrow ideas from others.  Here is another site with free downloads.  Its pretty cool, right?  Or is it just weird?  I don’t care I am going to make my list and do it anyway!!!!
I am going to blog about my adventures as I accomplish them here in the days ahead.  I am making this list a page too.  Then if you want to just come and see where I am on the list of items, you can click there.  I am going to do as Jessica is doing and strike through them as I complete them and date and link too.
So, here is the list:
1. Run a sub 2 hour Half Marathon Completed 11/03/2012
2. Run a sub 4 hour Full Marathon
3. Run the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee, WI
4. Run the Flying Pig Marathon in Ohio
5. Join the Burst Club site and follow the workout plan for 6 months
6. Volunteer for Girls on the Run
7. Take a Hot Yoga Class
8. Learn to snow shoe
9. Learn to cross country ski
10. Get to my ideal weight
11. Take a Zumba Class twice a week for 3 months

12. Start a craft club at church Started fall 2011, no one came for the 8 months I hosted.  I tried!
13. Make my own Christmas cards
14. Learn to knit a sweater for myself
15. Re-learn to knit socks
16. Knit a baby set: sweater, booties and hat
17. Finish Kurt & Jessica’s Wedding album Completed spring 2012
18. Finish Dancing Princess's Baby album
19. Catch up Dancing Princess’s First album
20. Start Chess Master’s School Days album
21. Catch up Swim Chick’s School Days album
22. Update Chess Master’s Baby album
23. Finish Swim Chick’s 7th birthday album
24. Start Chess Master’s Cub Scout Album
25. Catch up on my Girl Scout Album
26. Attend a Scrapbook Weekend
27. Put together my own Scrapbook Get Away

Family Adventures/Travel
28. Go on a Disney Cruise
29. Take the family back to Florida for a week
30. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
31. Get passports for all family members
32. Take a family vacation in an RV
33. Take the train to Chicago
34. Go camping at a State Campground
35. Go camping with the MOMS Club
36. Go camping with the MAHL Group
37. Go visit relatives in TN
38. Visit Lydia in PA
39. Go to a Brewer baseball game as a family Completed May 23, 2012 and July 2 2012
40. Go to an Admiral Hockey game as a family(Changed to Wave Soccer Game on Nov. 1, 2012)
41. Go to a Buck’s Basketball game as a family
42. Go to Noak’s Ark in WI Dells as a family
43. Go to Six Flags-Great America as a familyCompleted July 31, 2012
44. Rent a cabin for a weeks vacation
45. Visit my family on the farm every other month for a year
46. Visit Washington DC
47. Have my family adopt a family at Christmas
48. Get a zoo pass again Completed June 12, 2012
49. Plan a “Langkamp” family gathering
50. Plan an “Ihm” family gathering

51. Take the Yamuna Body Rolling Class to become certified to teach classes
52. Offer Nurturing the Pregnant Couple class at the WAC
53. Take an Aromatherapy class
54. Take the Pillosage class for CEU’s

55. Become a Shaklee Director
56. Become a Shaklee Senior Director
57. Become a Shaklee Coordinator
58. Become a Shaklee Senior Coordinator
59. Become a Shaklee Executive Director
60. Earn a Shaklee incentive trip
61. Host a Healthy Living event at One Touch

62.Teach the kids to sew
63. Teach the kids to cook
64. Teach the kids to bake
65. Get the kids to make their own lunch Started on September 3, 2012
66. Help Levi learn to play the guitar Started to take lessons June 2012
67. Learn etiquette and teach the kids
68. Learn to set a proper table and teach the kids
69. Set a proper table every night for dinner for 1 month
70. Learn how to fold napkins into fun shapes with the kids

71. Take a cake decorating class
72. Attend a Budgeting class and use the tools for at least a quarter!
73. Lead my Girl Scout troop to earn their Bronze award Two girls completed this in August 2012.
74. Take the Girl Scout troop on a trip out of state In June 2013, we took the troop to MN.
75. Host a wine tasting party
76. Host a tea party with close friends
77. Host a dinner party
78. Join a Book Club Started my own club at work! First meeting August 1, 2012
79. Have a completely homemade Christmas
80. Re-learn Spanish
81. Learn to speak and understand Chinese
82. Menu plan for 3 months in a row
83. Try once a month cooking with some friends
84. Get my own Brewer shirt Got as a Christmas gift December 2012
85. Put together a group of 10 friends to attend the Women of Faith Event in Milwaukee, WI
86. Plan and take 8 Great Dates with Emily
87. Take a food prep class at Outpost Natural Foods
88. Make sushi for the family
89. Take a cooking class
90. Start a women’s group at church
91. Read about fasting
92. Get the sugar out of my diet
93. Do the Marilu Henner 30 day makeover VEGAN
94. Get a Vitamix
95. Do a juice fast for a week Summer 2013, with some MOMS club moms.

96. Build a butterfly garden
97. Plant and maintain a veggie garden
98. Learn more about tea
99. Plant herbs to make my own tea
100. Get an Urban Ecology Center membership
101. Take a class at the Urban Ecology Center

Alright, there it is!  A list of 101 things I would like to do in the next 1001 days. So now I am wondering if I start today, October 7, 2011, when is 1001 days from now.  I found a site with a calculator to figure out the day I should be done with my current list is Friday, July 4, 2014.  Check it out HERE.

And away we go…
Off & Running,