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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Baby its cold outside!!!

So, I have been staying in and doing some reading the past few weeks.  Today I am going to try to update you all on my list...

I have completed the whole 50 Shades of Grey series.  I enjoyed the story-line.  I read the series because of the movie being released.  I found myself wondering what Anna was thinking and comparing my relationship with hers!  Why do we keep going back for more?  Because we love them and know they need us!  I did skip over the sex scenes, and not because I am a prude, but because they didn't have much to do with the story after awhile.  

I had lunch with a friend last week. She read the series back when it came out.  We both agreed that we skipped over the sex parts in books 2 & 3!  I felt many probably read the first book because of the hype about the sex scenes. Those who saw around that kept on reading.  I read the series on my iPhone with the Kindle app.  I borrowed the books from my public library! I thought that was pretty cool to borrow library books to read on my iPhone!

I got into the 50 Shades and didn't finish The Fred Factor yet.  I am enjoying this self-help book.  However, because I have not been able to do my massage work I have lost interest in this book.  I do need to finish it up before next week so I can return it to the person I borrowed it from!

I have a stack of books from the library to get through  in the next day or so!  These include the following titles:

100 Days of Real Food by Lisa Leake  I found her blog one day, as I do many blogs, someone recommended it and I hit the search button.  I started this book at the introduction and was hooked!  She grew up eating like I did:  meat, potatoes, Oatmeal Cream Pies...  She decided to get healthier after she had kids and they had some health issues.  Hello, isn't that what we are all doing?!?!  I like her comparisons and how to read the label lessons.  I have made a few of her recipes.  I will have to blog about that another day.  :)  Check out her website too: 100 Days.

The Homemade Pantry by Alana Chernila  I flipped through this one, as it really is more of a cookbook.  I do not know if she has other books, but I love that she has a recipe for almost everything I buy for convenience.  I am drawn to the cover with the homemade toaster pastries!  I want to try her ketchup recipe and the toaster pastries.  LOL!

Suddenly Frugal by Leah Ingram
10 Day Smoothie Cleanse by Jessy Smith
The Best Homemade Kids Lunches on the Planet by Laura Fuentes
These I am considering self-help/personal growth books.  Would you?  I am learning a lot from them about cleaning up my diet and how to save money. 

For fun I read Swim the Fly by Dan Calame A Young Adult book series about 3 boys on a summer swim team.  It is light reading and funny.  Takes me back to high school days and liking boys and hoping they ask me out!  I really liked that it is the boys story for a change.  I hope that my son will read it to know his body is not the only one going through these changes!  I really liked this book it made me laugh out loud several times!

SO, that is it for now.

Off n Running,

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Forgot to post this....

My friend, neighbor and running buddy: Paula, and I got together last night and made our declarations.  Above is one of mine!  We have been talking about doing a full marathon for a couple of years.  I have been afraid to commit , using my family as an excuse.  Well, no more of that.  Now I have to pick a race and register for it!!!!!   Here we go.....

Dancing Princess got in on it too.  She wants to get better at Gymnastics this year!

I didn't take a photo of Paula's poster.  She wants to get the nasty refined sugar out of her diet.  I want to do that too.  I think together we can reach both of these goals.

Off n Running,


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

November trip continued...

We had a busy day in front of us.  The race start time for the Jingle Jungle 5K at Animal Kingdom was set for 7am.  They asked that all of the runners be there an hour before the start.  What a fun morning this was.

The moon greeting us in the early morning!
We all got to see the sun rise.  We found the Port-O-Lets and then the sun was up enough to take some pre-race photos.  Dancing Princess was Minnie Mouse for Halloween.  I had gone searching for a dress for her costume and found one for me!  I have never worn a costume in a race in my life!  This definitely was a first.  And I have never worn a dress in a race either.  I did buy the polka dot leg warmers for the race, but made the ears for Dancing Princess and all the Mickey Hands for everyone.
They had "Snow Machines" going.  In the photo here you can sort of see the snow falling.  I am sorry I didn't get more of the costumes in this shot.  They were really awesome.

A bad shot of the starting line.  Sorry, I am still perfecting my smartphone shots.  

Mickey was there too!

  What I loved about being in Corral A was that there were NO LINES to take photos with characters!  I came over a little knoll in the course and there was someone waiting to take my camera and capture this AWESOME shot!  Goofy as Santa, perfect.  You can see my costume a lot better here!  (Side note:  A client of mine borrowed me this belt.  I saw the company at the expo and they showed me how to use the bib number ties!  No more pins for this lady, I have to get my client her belt back after I get one for my self, of course.) ;)

  You can see the yellow cones on the right side of this photo.  We took our picture and turned around to head back toward the park.  As we did, I saw all of these hot air balloons.  What an amazing site that was.  Along with the beautiful sunrise and sky, what a great morning for a run. 

I think there might be some mist coming off this little patch of water.  There was a man dressed as a Safari guy holding off crocodiles along this stretch of road too.  

I know I used the Strava app to log this mileage, today was day 99 in my challenge to myself!  What a fun way to mark this special day.  This was not a timed race.  The medal is really a rubber and I think it would be cool if it were really a magnet for my fridge.  LOL!  

I know after we all finished our events, (one of Deanna's kids ran their first mile race and had so much fun!  Way to go everyone.) we headed back for lunch and naps.  The half marathon start time was at 10:00pm.  We knew we would have to wait awhile before the gun went off, so most of us took naps.

  We are ready and at the bus stop.  The forecast called for rain.  We were hoping it would hold off until midnight or so, that way neither one of us would have to run in it for too long.  No such luck.  It was a sprinkly, spitty kind of rain.  I was getting wet and Deanna had to wait longer to start.  I prayed she would keep her feet dry before the race and I avoided as many puddles as I could during.  

A bad picture of the starting line.
My medal, bib and t-shirt.

Tink medal, Wine & Dine medal and Coast to Coast medal.

The rewards from the weekend!

Here are the finished run shots.  Because of the rain, I couldn't get my smartphone to take pictures with my cold wet fingers.  The Epcot photo was taken by SwimChick.  

If I could, I would definitely do this race again on a non-rainy night.  My official time for this half even in the rain was 1:59.01.  I can't believe I came in just under 2 hours.  I was soaked.  I was given a special wrist band to collect my Coast to Coast medal from a special tent.  Even in that tent, I didn't feel warm.  I collected my gear and contemplated going to change into dry clothes and wait for Deanna.  I waited for her at our designated location.

I am so thankful for the lady who gave me her foil blanket, it helped some.  And even more thankful that Deanna finished un-injured and said she just wanted to go home and get warm.  Part of me is sad we didn't take in the party.  Honestly more of me was happy we could get on a warm bus and go home to a hot shower.  In hindsight, I would go change next time and find a dry place to wait.  And I should have taken a HOT bath when I got home.  

This race ended after midnight for me, so I counted it as my 100th day of running in a row, too!  What a fun way to do that.

During this race, I did not see many characters out.  Deanna said there were long lines and lots of characters.  I did see places where I thought there might be characters, but they were not there as I trotted by.  I am thinking they brought them earlier and took them in to warm up and get dry costumes!  LOL!

The next morning, most of us went to Downtown Disney and played at Disney Quest.  My kids LOVED it.  On Monday, we went to Animal Kingdom Resort for a delicious breakfast.  Yummy food was had by all.  That night was the Very, Merry Christmas Party.  My family was so excited.  I highly recommend going and hope to do it again another time.  We saw fireworks, light shows, and an amazing parade.  I have never seen a Parade that smelled of Christmas!  Really as floats went by you could smell cookies and Christmas trees!  We got to eat all kinds of Snickerdoodle cookies.  Dancing Princess loved them so much she asked if we could make those cinnamon cookies when we did some cookie baking for Christmas.

What I am excited to share most is that Deanna completed an amazing goal of running 4 half marathons in one year!  Considering she had not done one ever until we went to California for Tinkerbell, that is an amazing thing!  

My next most exciting thing to share is that 2 of my 3 kids want to run a Disney Half marathon and 1 wants to do a shorter race!  So we are now starting to save up for 2017 or 2018!  

Off N Running,

Goals and Declare It Day...

If you have been reading or just know me personally, you know I am goal oriented.  At least most of the time.  :)  I posted my New Year goals here.

A few days back I went to the Badgerland Strider Christmas Party/Award night.  Wait, rewind, almost exactly one year ago, my Badgerland Strider challenge was put into motion!  Wow, I cannot believe it has been a whole year and that I got my prize at the Award night.  Proof that I am goal oriented, but only when I am in control of the outcome I think.  Like this Strider challenge, all I HAD to do was cross 8 of 9 finish lines.  I did not have to win the races or even place in my age group.  I just had to show up and cross the finish line.  Believe me, the way my year started out last year, that was a good mantra ~ Just cross the line, just cross the line...

As you know, I was not happy with that mantra and set another goal/challenge to myself back in August.  I decided that mantra stunk and I knew I was better than that, and I was going to prove it.  I started my challenge of running one or more miles a day for the whole month of August.  I did it, too.  Then I couldn't stop, I wanted to see how many days I could go with out stopping.  I made it to 139 before I fell in December.  That is a lot of days in a row.  I don't even think I ran every day with the Cross Country and Track teams in college.  I think I took off on Sunday after race weekends, but I may have gone out easy a couple of Sunday's too.

Well, onto DECLARE IT DAY!  At that Christmas party, I sat with 3 ladies.  We started to chat and as we shared stories, one lady asked me about Fellow Flowers.  And said a friend Anonymously "Flowered" her.  She said it really meant a lot to her and that she follows them on Facebook.  Her other friends, as well as myself, dug out our smartphones and started looking them up.

I didn't do much searching after that moment, and I had heard of them before.  In fact, my t-shirt here:
is one of their creations!
They have some really cool stuff.  I have a client who has a TON of their shirts!  The quotes are amazing and so fitting.

Well, now that I follow them on Facebook, I get some of their posts.  And I think one last week was about DECLARE IT DAY 2015.  This is an event they started a couple of years ago.  I am just now reading their Goal Guide and how the concept came about and what the day is all about.  It is about empowering women and moms to set goals for themselves.  From the guide:  

We wanted to eliminate the stereotypes that keep women from stepping in, and we were committed to crushing the vicious silos that prevent women from connecting with each other. We wanted a space for women’s voices to be heard, validated and celebrated.

The purpose of Declare It Day has never been about putting restrictions on WHAT your goal should be... but rather giving you the freedom and space to chase whatever matters to you. Over the past two years, we have seen women say it out loud, write it down and believe in themselves, and then, go on to achieve not just their goals but also a renewed sense of purpose and possibility. 

Last fall in Disney with Deanna, she said at least once a day while there:  "I think this is the first goal I have ever completed!"  And I am super proud of her and how far she had come to get to that weekend.  She has set new goals and is still running.  I believe her next life time goal to finish is college and if you ask her I am sure she knows exactly how many more days she has until graduation this spring.  

I am wondering how many of female friends have thought of things they would like to do some day after the kids are grown?  Or think that they could never do that?  DECLARE IT DAY is about setting that goal and getting help from other women to get it done!

February 7, 2015 is DECLARE IT DAY.  I am off to finish reading my Goal Guide and prepare for the day.  Will you join me?

Off n Running,

PS.  A quote from the Goal Guide that made me think of blogging today!


Sunday, February 1, 2015

November Disney Trip...

So sorry I didn't blog about our time in Florida.  I took several photos, as did SwimChick.  I will try my best to tell you all about it here.  WARNING:  This is a photo heavy post.  And I will break it up into several "days", because of that.  This post is about getting to Florida and the expo.  Enjoy.

Thought this was cute, they are watching the airport crew load/unload a plane as we waited in MKE Airport the morning we left.

And we played a little at the shop in the home airport.  Hehehe!!!!  Gotta love the cheese store.

Dancing Princess was a bit nervous for the plane ride.  She was almost 3 the last time we were on an airplane and does not remember that trip, except for the photos in an album.  We sat next to each other on both legs of the journey, and I could not convince her that the turbulence was like being on a roller coaster.  Her older siblings thought she was crazy for not being more relaxed and enjoying the flights, but we worked through it and made it in one piece.  Overall, she gave the rides a thumbs up!

  On the Magic bus to the resort!!!

We got in at dinner time.  Deanna and I had to do the shopping and took a cab to Wal Mart.  We bought our weeks worth of snacks and meals.  (I don't like going to a new store, I never know where anything is!  It took us a couple of hours and the families were "starving" when we got home with the food!)

This is the walk to our Tree House that night.  It looks a bit enchanting and fairy tale like.

So our first full day we spent a lot of time at the Wide World of Sports Complex.  I headed for the bathroom and lost Deanna and family the minute we got there.  I knew she wanted to buy runDisney New Balance shoes but didn't realize how badly until that point.  As I took my crew to the loo, she headed for the line to get into the shoe store!  I am sorry to say that I did not get a photo of the line or her new kicks.  They are pretty cool looking.  AND you can only purchase them at a runDisney expo!   

Here are some of the photos from the expo that I did capture:  

       Deanna and I by the Official Wine and Dine Poster thingy!  Doesn't she look fabulous!  So proud of her and all she has done to get to this day.  

I stood in a short line to meet Jeff Galloway.  He is the Official runDisney Training Plan designer and an Olympic Athlete!  Cool.

One More Mile is a fun company.  I have ordered some magnets from them and they offer all sorts for funny shirts.  Deanna is always talking about Dole Whip.  Please don't hate me or anything, but i have never had one!  I saw this shirt and thought of her.  I took this photo to text to her when we were lost at the expo together?!?!  (We went back to the expo after eating lunch and left the families at the Tree House!)  I think she bought one, too.  LOL!

I love the expo.  I love that you can try on some of the products you can only get online.  I think I talked a bit about this when I posted about our Tinkerbell run.  I did not plan to spend much money at this event, because I bought a lot in California AND I was taking the kids to Disney Quest and Magic Kingdom.

I had an interesting turn of events at this expo.  As I said earlier, I got there and headed to the loo!  I thought that everyone was heading to packet pick up so when we finished up that is were we headed.  I had signed myself up for the Jingle Jungle 5k AND the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  So I had to hit two lines!  Many large races these days are putting you into Corrals based on a time you submitted when you signed up to run.  A lot of the time you must prove your time from a previous race.  You have some time before the official race day to update your proof of time too.  In August, I had done a half marathon that was faster than the one I submitted for my proof of time entry.  Somewhere along the line, I hit a computer glitch and could not get the runDisney site to up date my time.  "Oh well, my submitted time is still under 2 hours, it will be ok."  I thought.

When I get my bib numbers, I was in Corral A for the 5K and Corral L for the Half.  I dug out the map of corrals and see that L is the last available Corral.  WHAT THE???  "OK, no worries, I can still run this event.  I am only here for the medal anyway."  I told myself.  But I needed to see why I got placed in the last corral.  So I got into another line and waited.

The girl that helped me looked me up in the computer.  I could see the screen she was looking at and right there it said my proof of time and she says, "Huh?"  Then went to take to the guy in charge.  He came over and looked at the screen and says, "Oh, your one of those!"  Um, what?  He explained that there were a handful of entrants that the computer had a proof of time but the predicted finish time said 7 hours and we all got put into the last corral.  He got out a sticker and put me in Corral D.

In hindsite, I am so Thankful that I contested the placement.  I will write about race day in another post!

Off n Running,

Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

I know, I know that the New Year was 19 days ago. But if you read my last post, you will know that I could not type on New Year's day, due to my giant splint! You would have also read that I was going to spend the next few days catching you all up on our crazy lives! :)

I can't remember how long ago, Deanna told me of a "project" she and her family do on the last day of school: They sit down and each member writes out 10 things they want to do for the summer. How awesome is that!?!?! We tried it for a couple of summers and never did complete our lists, because we ran out of money or summer! So, I changed it to the first of the year and for the whole year. Some items on the kids lists last year were going to Great America, going camping, going to visit another state, spend a week at each grandparents... Some items were simple like going to swim at the beach.

2014 was a great year of travel for me. It was one year ago today that I was in California for my Tinkerbell Half marathon with Deanna! (Her first half, WOO HOO!!!!) I got to go to Denver, CO for the National Massage Convention, and OH to visit my brother (whose family is now in California) and I took the kids with me to Florida in November to see Deanna and I complete our Coast to Coast challenge at Disney World!

Here is my 2015 list:

Mama’s 2015 List of Goals

*2015 in 2015 with Marie
*Do a full marathon (Lakefront or the Inaugural Milwaukee Marathon)
*Start my running streak over!
*Run 15 or more races in 2015
*Badgerland Strider Challenge again
*Take the Personal Trainer test
*Start training at the WAC
*Look into Girls on the Run certification
*Help Swimchick earn her Silver Award
*Take PeeWee's troop camping/overnight camp in our backyard
*Read 1  book a month for fun/ 1 book a month on self-help
*Blog more
*Cut sugar out of my diet
*Better at menu planning
*Try to add more real food to our menus and less eating out.
*Pay my dental bill
*Pay off my surgery

SO, there it is everyone. My list of goals. I have not signed up yet for the Badgerland Strider Super Strider Challenge. (Money is a bit tight at the moment. I do need to see when the challenge closes, to be sure I don't miss it!!!!) My friend, Marie, asked if I would join her in the 2015 in 2015. As a team, we have to complete 5.5 miles of walking or running every day in 2015. Check it out here. I signed myself up on the website, and to date have only logged 2.75 miles of walking.  It was torture! Physically and mentally. I was sore the next day, not used to walking, and the pace was killing me. If I had not been in that splint, I would have laced up my shoes and hit the pavement. I had to go to the gym and use a treadmill. The next day, the kids and I went to visit my parents, and I didn't bring any exercise clothes. (excuse, excuse, excuse!) Anyway, I signed up and am part of team: Hot Tamales! Go Team GO!!!!

Today is my New Year, and I am planning to go for a run of at least 3 miles. {The weather has been super nice for January in WI. I am planning to do the "park loop" when my husband leaves for work. SHHH!!!} I need to figure out how far behind I am and get caught up. LOL!

Last year, I found a blog boasting a 14 in 2014 race challenge. I did that, and could have done more runs over the summer, but didn't. SO, I am going to challenge myself to do 15 this year. :) And before I fell and got put into a lovely hard cast, I was feeling like I could take on a full marathon again. {I am not sure how you go about doing the 50 states challenge but I have never run a full marathon in WI! HI, IL, MN and FL yes.} Some runners in WI have decided to do a Milwaukee Marathon weekend in Oct/Nov. Oh, my bad, I just looked it up and it will be named MILWAUKEE RUNNING FESTIVAL WEEKEND. I have not decided if I would like to do this full or if I would like to do the LAKEFRONT MARATHON. Again, I need to see what the fees are and when they go up or close the entries. Then decide and talk with my running partners to see who is up for what. I would like to use Another Mother Runners Own It program for my halves and this whole marathon this year. 

I know several folks who have done a RAGNAR race. I think it would be a fun time. I put a question mark on that one, because I have been asked to join a team, and then they filled up. So, I might be able to join if someone else can't make it. We will see!

Oh, for the book reading: I am slowly reading THE FRED FACTOR as my personal growth book. And I started reading FIFTY SHADES OF GREY last night. (I finally got the library e-book reader to work on my phone, and am into chapter 3 already!) I am on if anyone wants to follow me and see what I have read!

And today is the first day of our 14 week Challenge with 100 Days of Real Food. (The challenge is closed for this year, sorry.) Every Thursday I will get an email with the next weeks challenge on it. We are to start on Monday. This week we are to add more fruits and veggies to every meal. And we are not to buy anything with more than 5 ingredients in it. It is surprising to read the ingredient labels to see how often sugar is listed.

Well, that is the summary. What do your 2015 goals look like? I'd love to read them here in my comments! ;)

Off -n- Running,


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Chatching up

Happy January 17!  I have been meaning to post more and here we are 17 days into the new year and this is my first post.  Such is life.

SO, I just saw that I never posted about our trip to Disney in November.  I have not updated about my dad, or myself.  I will spend the next few days doing that.  I never posted about my New Year Goals or resolutions...

Here we go.  I will start out with my arm.

Here is a picture of the fracture(s) in my radius.  If you look closely, you can see the bone fragments are sort of all over the place!

Here is what happened, as I remember it:  Early in the day, 8:00am-ish, we got a drizzle rain.  I was going to work, at the office job I picked up (another thing I should update you all on!)  Anyway, the rain was freezing on my windshield.  At the office, I saw lots of slow moving vehicals and when I left for the day, the salt had been applied.

I DID NOT GET UP AND RUN IN THE MORNING!!!!!  So, I went home put on my running gear, picked up kids, dropped off kids, per our normal Thursday after school routine.  I was going out the door around 6pm, to pick up kids and WHAM!!! I fell literally right on my face!!!!!   I am not joking here, all I remember is my right knee hitting the pavement and K-POW my forehead hit next.  As I lay there, I thought, "Don't passout, don't passout, don't passout..."  Then my next thought was, "I have to get up, I am probably bleeding profusely from my forehead.  OH GREAT!'  And don't forget the thougthts of, "Oh, crap, I put a hole in my favorite running pants!"

When I did try to get up to assess the damage, I couldn't use my left hand normally.  It felt weird, like my fingers weren't connected anymore.  My sleeve had gotten pushed up a bit, and I saw my wrist/arm didn't look right.  There was this curve in there, where it is normally straight.  "Now, what?" I thought.  My husband was in the house, and I screamed and reached for my phone, cuz I wasn't sure if he could hear me.  He came out and instead of the sympathetic "Oh my, are you ok? What happened?" you would like to think you would get from your loved ones, I got:  "Honey, you just warned everyone about the driveway being slippery, what were you thinking?"  That made me feel SOOOO much better!  He came out and I told him to be careful, and I helped me up.  My head was kind of hurting and my arm didn't feel right.  I wasn't sure what was going to happen.

We got me inside, found a ride home for the kids I was supposed to go get, put some ice on my arm, called a neighbor to come be with the kids and went to the ER.  They were impressed with our make-shift splint of a couple of CD cases and a kitchen towel.  (Sorry, no photo of that!)

The x-ray above was taken that night.  We saw Dr. Nicholas Webber the next day and couldn't get in to do surgery until the Tuesday after that!  The blog post from Dec 19, is the photo of the splint I got in the ER.

Surgery was on December 23, scheduled for 4:30 in the afternoon.  I didn't get taken in until about 5:30.  I was blessed with this lovely plate and 9 screws that night.

I do not come out of anesthisia very well.  My husband kept trying to get me to wake up and move around so that we could get home.  It was funny, from what I remember.  They wanted me to eat and walk before going home.  I took about two bites of sherbert and fell asleep.  Hubby let me sleep about 30 more mintues, and I thought is was 5, came in and asked that I just try to stay awake for the next 2 minutes.  Um, sure right!  I just wanted to sleep.  Seriously, that was a crazy night.  We got up and going, sort of, and made it home around 10:30pm.

So now I have this stuff in my arm.  I was given a soft splint and an appointment to see the Doc again in a few weeks.

On January 6, I went to the office and the soft splint came off, they took these x-rays to see how I was healing.  Because I am a massage therapist, the doc put me in a hard cast, to allow the bone to heal up to perfection, so that I can go bck to doing massage in the future.

Every day it feels a bit better.  Today, my fingers are a little swollen, but I am typing on the computer with the broken arm!  And I feel no pain doing that, at the moment.  I might need a nap in between writing all these posts I want to write to catch you all up on stuff!  LOL.

The end result, of course I picked purple, my favorite color!!!

I get this cast off on February 6.  I asked about running and the nurse said I had to wait a bit longer, walking is fine (Does she know how tourcherous it is for me to walk on a treadmill verses running on one?!?!?!)

I have been seriously going through withdrawls, just ask my kids.  I am WAY behind on my 2015 in 2015 challenge, too!  I will tell you all about that later.  :)

Off n Running,