Sunday, February 1, 2015

November Disney Trip...

So sorry I didn't blog about our time in Florida.  I took several photos, as did SwimChick.  I will try my best to tell you all about it here.  WARNING:  This is a photo heavy post.  And I will break it up into several "days", because of that.  This post is about getting to Florida and the expo.  Enjoy.

Thought this was cute, they are watching the airport crew load/unload a plane as we waited in MKE Airport the morning we left.

And we played a little at the shop in the home airport.  Hehehe!!!!  Gotta love the cheese store.

Dancing Princess was a bit nervous for the plane ride.  She was almost 3 the last time we were on an airplane and does not remember that trip, except for the photos in an album.  We sat next to each other on both legs of the journey, and I could not convince her that the turbulence was like being on a roller coaster.  Her older siblings thought she was crazy for not being more relaxed and enjoying the flights, but we worked through it and made it in one piece.  Overall, she gave the rides a thumbs up!

  On the Magic bus to the resort!!!

We got in at dinner time.  Deanna and I had to do the shopping and took a cab to Wal Mart.  We bought our weeks worth of snacks and meals.  (I don't like going to a new store, I never know where anything is!  It took us a couple of hours and the families were "starving" when we got home with the food!)

This is the walk to our Tree House that night.  It looks a bit enchanting and fairy tale like.

So our first full day we spent a lot of time at the Wide World of Sports Complex.  I headed for the bathroom and lost Deanna and family the minute we got there.  I knew she wanted to buy runDisney New Balance shoes but didn't realize how badly until that point.  As I took my crew to the loo, she headed for the line to get into the shoe store!  I am sorry to say that I did not get a photo of the line or her new kicks.  They are pretty cool looking.  AND you can only purchase them at a runDisney expo!   

Here are some of the photos from the expo that I did capture:  

       Deanna and I by the Official Wine and Dine Poster thingy!  Doesn't she look fabulous!  So proud of her and all she has done to get to this day.  

I stood in a short line to meet Jeff Galloway.  He is the Official runDisney Training Plan designer and an Olympic Athlete!  Cool.

One More Mile is a fun company.  I have ordered some magnets from them and they offer all sorts for funny shirts.  Deanna is always talking about Dole Whip.  Please don't hate me or anything, but i have never had one!  I saw this shirt and thought of her.  I took this photo to text to her when we were lost at the expo together?!?!  (We went back to the expo after eating lunch and left the families at the Tree House!)  I think she bought one, too.  LOL!

I love the expo.  I love that you can try on some of the products you can only get online.  I think I talked a bit about this when I posted about our Tinkerbell run.  I did not plan to spend much money at this event, because I bought a lot in California AND I was taking the kids to Disney Quest and Magic Kingdom.

I had an interesting turn of events at this expo.  As I said earlier, I got there and headed to the loo!  I thought that everyone was heading to packet pick up so when we finished up that is were we headed.  I had signed myself up for the Jingle Jungle 5k AND the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  So I had to hit two lines!  Many large races these days are putting you into Corrals based on a time you submitted when you signed up to run.  A lot of the time you must prove your time from a previous race.  You have some time before the official race day to update your proof of time too.  In August, I had done a half marathon that was faster than the one I submitted for my proof of time entry.  Somewhere along the line, I hit a computer glitch and could not get the runDisney site to up date my time.  "Oh well, my submitted time is still under 2 hours, it will be ok."  I thought.

When I get my bib numbers, I was in Corral A for the 5K and Corral L for the Half.  I dug out the map of corrals and see that L is the last available Corral.  WHAT THE???  "OK, no worries, I can still run this event.  I am only here for the medal anyway."  I told myself.  But I needed to see why I got placed in the last corral.  So I got into another line and waited.

The girl that helped me looked me up in the computer.  I could see the screen she was looking at and right there it said my proof of time and she says, "Huh?"  Then went to take to the guy in charge.  He came over and looked at the screen and says, "Oh, your one of those!"  Um, what?  He explained that there were a handful of entrants that the computer had a proof of time but the predicted finish time said 7 hours and we all got put into the last corral.  He got out a sticker and put me in Corral D.

In hindsite, I am so Thankful that I contested the placement.  I will write about race day in another post!

Off n Running,