Monday, November 5, 2012

Beer Run Half Barrel

I did it!  I ran under 2 hours and completed a half marathon.  WOO HOO!!!!!

I had been dreaming of this for a few years.  Last fall when I joined the Team Challengers to raise money for the Crohns and Colitis Foundation, this was also a big goal.  I must admit I was a lot disheartened when sidelined by my cancer and hysterectomy.  But I have bounced back and am on a roll.

I think I mentioned in the past how I met a nice lady in the park one Sunday this past summer.  Mrs. H and I chatted it up and swapped information.  We have been running together ever since!  We meet early in the morning, like 5:45am.  I told her about this awesome race I was thinking about and how I had run the 1/6 barrel (4.1 mile) race two years ago.  I really wanted to try the half barrel race (13.1 miles) this year.  I emailed her the information (If anyone is interested on running next year check it out here, and click on events.) and she registered.  We were luck to register when we did, they sold out!  AND then added an additional 125 slots.  IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!

The temperature was hard to prep for.  It has been years since I trained in cold weather, like since 1999, when I trained for the Disney Marathon in Florida in January of 2000.  A friend lent me a great Brooks jacket that I am putting on my Christmas list (hint, hint!!!).  Another friend gave me a pair of tights by Mizuno, that I am in love with too.  Anyway, it was snowing when we got to the race site, but that stopped by the 11:30am start time.

When the gun went off so did my partner.  She was like a rabbit, zoom she was gone!  I saw her back for a few blocks then again when she found me at the finish line.  Man o' man is she fast!  She placed 3rd in her age group, finishing in 1:42ish.  I came in hard and finished in 1:57ish.  WOO HOO!!!!  We did it.

I am resting today.  Hope to get to yoga tomorrow.  I am meeting Mrs. H to do 3 miles on Wednesday.  I hope my tight muscles don't hold her back too much.  LOL!  Praising God for a fabulous partner on this new running path I am on.  Hoping to chat about some upcoming races to prep for and a plan to complete them well too.

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