Monday, December 10, 2012

Book Review: Come to the Table

I love this writer!  I was so excited when I received this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for my honest review.   I couldn't wait to read it and see what happens next to Kat Davies.

So let me give you a bit of background first...  I first found Neta Jackson's Yada Yada Prayer Group Series at the Christian Book store.  I read the back cover and couldn't wait to read about the group of women from the Chicago-land area.  The main character, Jodi Baxter was attending her first Christian Women's Conference with her "boss" and church friend, Avis.  The women get put into groups at the Conference and end up bonding in ways they never knew existed!  I read 4 of the books in this first series.  

One day I saw Ms. Jackson had started another series:  The Yada Yada House of Hope Series.  I have not read any in this series, but can only imagine that it is an extension of the Prayer Group Series. 

Sometime ago, I received the first in a new series "SouledOut Series".  The first book called STAND BY ME, was AWESOME!!!!  We meet Katheryn 'Kat' Davies the day she becomes a Christian.  She is at a music concert and meets Bree and Nick there.  She realizes that she needs more in her life and these new friends help her become a Christian.  The three friends attend a Christian College in Chicago together and in book one, Kat finds the SouledOut church.  She also finds Avis Douglas' daughter and reunite the two. 

One day last week, COME TO THE TABLE arrived in my mailbox!  I remember seeing it on a list of books and filling out the "raffle ticket" online, but I was shocked when I got it.  Thank you, Lord.  I read this fabulous book over the weekend while I was at the swimming pool watching SwimChick!

This book starts where the first left off.  Kat, Bree and Nick are elbow deep into their summer.  Kat was volunteering with a summer program at Avis Douglas' school, working in a coffee shop and enjoying the summer.  She also is still looking to teach a nutrition class at women's shelters.  She connects with some of the folks we met in the first book and learns to allow God to lead the way.  I really enjoyed this book.

As I read, this I got an understanding in prayer.  I think that is why I enjoyed the Yada Yada Prayer group series so much too.  Kat is still fairly new in being a Christian and "learning" the ropes, but aren't we all still learning?  I forget sometimes that anything I say to the Lord could be a prayer and we all need to just ask for help sometimes.

Go here to get yourself a copy.  Happy reading!

Off n Running,