Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jars... Save or Recycle?

I started this post in early October.  I never made the time to take the photos and actually post this.  With my 21 day challenge, I thought it was time!  Here is what I originally wrote and how I am doing with the situation is below that.  

So I have been reading a lot about jars lately, I don't know if it is a sign that I have too many or a sign that I need to get them organized. Mark thinks they should all be put out in the recycle bin.  I think jars are kind of cool.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  I think it would be cool to have some of the blue glass ones.  Since reading these blogs and looking on Pinterest, I have had a few ideas of how to use them.  I have also had ideas on how to store them.

I first read about jars in Laura's blog HEAVENLY HOMEMAKERS.  She loves jars.  If you go to her site and type in jars, you will get a number of links for her writings on jars.  I am curious how she stores them when they are empty?  I do know that she has sparked my interest in gardening next summer, so that I can use my jars.  I made her Tomato Soup recipe and have 4 quarts put up for the winter, which is not enough for my family.  We love to have soup and grilled cheese.  :)

My basement looks like this:

I would love for it to look like some of Laura's shelves.  Today I was reading my emails and read this blog post about 15 ways to use glass jars at Eating Rules.  It just got me to thinking about  how to re-purpose my jars and the ones coming into my home.

Do you have jars?  Do you love them as much as Laura loves hers?

As part of my 21 day challenge, I am organizing this space and moving stuff around.  I don't like this shelving unit for jars, it is too unstable.  So, I need to figure something else out.