Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day, workout check in

It is 5:50am, I left the house before anyone else was up, so as of this time I have not gotten any Valentines.   I am getting in my 45 minutes of exercise though.  :)

I did make cards and treats for my husband and children.  If they have not been devoured by the time I get home, I'll take a photo.

Want to update you on my 45 challenge...  I have biked a couple of days, did yoga a couple and had to do Wii Fit U another.  We own a bike trainer and my husband loaned it out.  I want it back!!!!!!   I could just as easily bike on time trainer in my basement as come to the club and waste 20 minutes driving.

Cutting my bike today short so I can go home and make pancakes for my family!

Will update as i go,,,

Off n running