Friday, February 21, 2014

My training partner...

My beautiful bike, a birthday/mother's day gift one year.

We got the bike trainer back!  

So, my DH, I love him but…  A couple of years back, he had this contraption called a bike trainer.  OK, for those who know me, I am a farm girl.  I didn't have a good place to learn to ride a bike except for the grass and gravel roads!  I didn't know the difference in bikes until I graduated from college and some of my track and cross country team mates started something called cross training and triathlons.  What the heck is all that about?  I just ran.  

Fast forward back to this contraption my DH bought/inherited from someone, I can't even remember the story correctly.  Anyway, he got this thing, set it up one winter in the basement and used it maybe two times.  (Honestly, he had good intentions.)   He complained that it was crooked and clicked and was too loud and…  You get the point, I hope.  It collected dust in the corner.  Then two winters ago, he insisted that he would use a trainer all winter, if it worked correctly, to be prepared for riding into work all summer.  (In my head I thought YEAH RIGHT!!!)  So off to the bike store he went and came home with my new training buddy!  

Last winter, after I finished the Tyranena Half Barrel race.  I rested a few weeks, then my body started to morph back to flabby.  He had set up the trainer and used it a couple of days/weeks.  I asked him if I could use it and one morning before he went off to work he hooked my bike up to it.  Isn't she pretty!!!!  I used it quite a bit in February and March of last year to get back into sweating again.  Then the snow melted and I met with D to encourage her to start running and the next thing I knew the trainer was back in storage.  I completed 3 half marathons last summer and it was AWESOME!!!!

Here we are in this weird fridged winter in WI and I do not have the right winter gear to be out in the elements.  Summer clothes are sooooo much easier to come by, anyway, I am getting off topic.  And my DH lends the trainer out!  YOU DID WHAT?  I thought!  That is my training buddy, how dare you do that without talking to me and getting approval!!!!  OK calm down AnnMarie, I can go to the club and use their bikes and elliptical trainers for rehab.  That was ok for awhile, but the 10 minutes to the club and 10 minutes back cuts into my training and sleeping time.  SO, we had to ask for our trainer back.  

I set her up on Tuesday.  Today, Friday is my 3rd day of using her!  She is going to get a few good 45 minute rides in this next month as I get this leg/butt thing figured out.  Welcome back training buddy.  See you again tomorrow.

Off n Running,