Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shaklee Saturday

Happy Shaklee Saturday to all my readers.

Today I am going to talk about our awesome Sports Nutrition line.

Shaklee's Sports Nutrition has been helping fuel athletes for years.  There are 3 products that are labeled Sports Nutrition:  Energy Chews for Before/During activity, Performance for During/After and Physique Shake Mix for Recovery after your activity.  Watch the Sports Nutrition video on my website, here!

Energy Chews:  These come only in Lemon Lime flavor.  I use them in the afternoons, when I know I have to be up later for work.  Or if I am taking a class of some sort, they help me to stay focused.  I use one at a time, but the label says a serving is 2 chews.  They have a bit of green tea caffeine in them.  I love them.

Performance Drink Mix:  This comes in Orange and Lemon Lime.  My favorite is the Orange.  On hot summer days this is better than Kool Aid!  It comes in a small container with 19 servings or the Jumbo container that can be mixed in a 5 gallon team cooler.  I get the Jumbo sized in Orange because we are Orange kind of people!  We have a small container of Lemon Lime, but it seams my family prefers the Orange.  This is an awesome alternative to Gatorade or those sorts of drinks.  It is full of natural ingredients to refuel your body during activity. 

Physique Shake Mix:  This only comes in Banana flavor, which is yummy.  My husband and kids like to add banana to it.  I prefer it as is!  This is a muscle recovery product so you wont feel sore the next day.  I can't wait to put it to the test after a half or full marathon.

My testimony:  I love all of these products.  On Sunday, June 3, my husband and I rode a 25 mile bike ride for charity.  I have never ridden that far before.  I had also not been on my bike in weeks.  When we got ready for the event that morning, I mixed up an Orange Performance and a shaker cup of Physique.  I was going to give them both the test on this adventure! I only have one water bottle holder on my bike, so I brought my water.  I was wishing for a swig of Performance at about mile 10 and beyond.  The ride was nice, we started in the downtown Milwaukee area, rode over the Hoan Bridge and into the southern suburbs and back.  The route went along the beautiful lakefront.  The road itself was mostly smooth :)  But I could feel my legs and body needing a bit more than water.  When we finished our ride and got back to the car, I felt that wobbly leg feeling you get after being on your bike for 2 plus hours.  I got out my Physique shake and pretty much chugged it.  The yummy banana flavor hit the spot for me.  We loaded up our bikes and hoped in the car, we had baseball practice and a swim meet to attend that same afternoon.  I didn't stretch out or anything, just hoped in the car.  Sipped my Performance on the ride home.  Off to our family filled day we went.

Fast forward to Monday morning.  The day after an event is really the testing point for me.  I didn't have any  muscle soreness at all on Monday morning!  That is awesome.  Was it because of my post race beverages or the ride was not that strenuous, I am not sure.  But I am going to say it was because of my drinks of choice!  Thank you Shaklee for some amazing products.  I am going to train for a half marathon this fall and let you know how these products help me out in that adventure.

Off n Running,