Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer is flying by...

So is the year.  I can't believe that I have not blogged since December 15!  Where has the time gone?  What have you all been up to?  I have been busy with the kids, my hubby and RUNNING!!!!!  WOO HOO!!!  YEAH ME!!!!!

I ran the Tyrenena Half Marathon in November and loved it.  I did take some time off in the winter months.  I want to thank a couple of frineds and massage clients for motivating me to get back out there and sign up for races.

I didn't share this with anyone, but I decided this is the year I get my act together and get serious about my health.  I will be 45 in 2014, in six months-ish.  I have battled cancer and beat it twice and really have been thinking that I don't like the thought of it coming back.  I watched a couple of documentaries that I have gotten some great ideas on the path I need to take to beat those odds again.

Check out these great documentaries on getting healthy:
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Vegucated, Forks Over Knives, Food Matters and Hungry for Change.
All of these are currently on Netflix, instant view if you are interested in seeing them!  The one that I loved the best was HUNGRY FOR CHANGE.  There was one women that struck me the most, Kris Carr.  She was told that she had cancer on Valentine's Day in 2003.  After some x-rays, tests and the like, she found out that she has Stage IV cancer in her lower lungs and liver!  She just celebrated her 10 year cancer-versary in February.  She has inspired me.  I have watched her documentary CRAZY, SEXY CANCER.  (This I got from the local library.)  She has a book by the same name as well as an awesome blog!

After watching her documentary, reading her books and reading some of her blog, I decided my kids need the healthiest mom they can have.  SO, I put some races on the calendar.  I have completed one of 3 half marathons so far, and have done 3 5K's.  I even placed first in my age group at one of the races!

I have been mostly meat free since January.  I still eat fish and shrimp once in a great while.  In the last month I have gotten serious about my dairy intake.  And now onto the big tough one: SUGAR!!!!  This is so hard for me to cut out.  It is soooooo bad for us.  Any suggestions on how to cut it?

Thanks for reading.  I am going to try to blog more in the next six months.  I am going to be looking at my 101 in 1001 list, too.

Chat soon!  Off n Running,