Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 6 of 45...

Whew, what a week!  I am on the bike again today.  I am thinking about the past few weeks and realized that I have not been updating everyone on my successes and pitfalls very consistently.

I started my 45 day challenge on February 10.  I was doing well, I guess, until last weekend when I got a flu bug or something.  So, I restarted my challenge on Monday February 24 with a 45 minute ride on my beautiful Felt bike.  I shared my tragic flu story with my Monday night client.  We decided to do an 8:00am yoga class on Tuesday.  She announced at yoga, that she was going to join me on my challenge and that was day one for her!  Cool I have someone to be accountably to, awesome!!!!  

When I went home to tell my husband, he replied, "You're doing a challenge?"  Seriously, I don't think he listens and HEARs me when I talk! Anyway, today is day 6 for me.  My butt bones are not too sure what to think about sitting on that seat, but my legs are loving it!

I have not added more yoga as I wanted to.  I have not gotten to a chiropractor or figured out what is bothering my butt.  I did roll it out on the ball and that seemed to help.  So I'm going to add rolling daily to my list.

*NOTE:  Written on March 1, and posted March 2, so today is day 7 of 45.  Off to yoga at the gym…

Off N Running,