Saturday, October 6, 2012

Book Review: Cliques, Hicks and Ugly Sticks

Cliques, Hicks, and Ugly Sticks (The Confessions of April Grace)  by KD McCrite


Book Description

December 6, 2011 8 and upThe Confessions of April Grace (Book 2)
Just when April Grace thought the drama was over . . .
After an automobile accident, Isabel St. James—resident drama coach and drama queen—needs help putting together the church play. Mama insists April Grace and Myra Sue will help. April’s fall is now devoted to spending every afternoon with Isabel and Myra Sue—if anyone is as big of a drama queen as Isabel, it’s Myra Sue. Plus, she’s dumb. (Okay, not dumb, but "older sister dumb.") If that’s not enough, Isabel is wreaking havoc in the community trying to get Rough Creek Road paved, the new boy at school will not leave her alone, and then Mama drops the biggest bombshell of all . . . April Grace is no longer going to be the baby of the family . . .
Girls will completely relate to April and love her sense of humor as she deals with siblings, boys, and the many changes that come with growing up.  ~from


I received this book to review from the folks at  I read it last fall or maybe it was in the Spring, I don't remember.  I do know that I thought SwimChick would like it, but she has not read it yet.  In time, I don't know that I read everything my mom suggested for me when I was her age either. 


It was so long ago that I read the book, and now that I borrowed it out, I am not sure I can give it a proper review.  I really did enjoy this book.  I liked the drama of the older sister, and how they connected during times of worry and family strife.  It reminded me of belonging to a close knit family!  I think any middle schooler/tween would like it as well.  I give it 4 out of 5 stars, only because I can't remember the whole story now.  Enjoy.

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