Saturday, October 6, 2012

Women of Faith Event


I just returned from the 2012 Women of Faith Event here in Milwaukee.  This year I did not attend as a guest, I opted to volunteer.  If you attend as a guest, you must first purchase a ticket.  This year they offered the $99 ticket, plus a $10 box lunch option.  The fee for the ticket was more if you wanted to sit on the floor level and less if you got a big group to come with you.  I saw on the web that there was a free option if you volunteer.  That is my price range, LOL!  So, some months back I filled out the paperwork and signed up to be part of the ARENA TEAM.  I assumed that meant I would be inside the arena and get to see all the action.

It was a fantastic line up this year.  The theme in Milwaukee, WI was Celebrate What Matters.  Patsy Clairemont was back with her friends, Marilyn Meberg, Sandi Patty, Mandisa and Andy Andrews.  She also brought some new friends, Brenda Warner, Elisa Morgan and Amy Grant.  I was really looking forward to see all the them.  I prayed that Mandisa was going to get us moving this morning with her GOOD MORNING song...

The event actually started last night.  I arrived at 3:30 to get orientation and check in completed.  I was then assigned to the Arena Team.  There were 9 of us!  Nine?  Really?  And I was one of 4 women!  "What did I do?"  I thought.  (I was thinking that a lot last night!)  Our first assignment was to place programs onto the seats for the attendees.  Once finished with that there was a big waiting around period before the doors opened, and our next assignment was to hand out a flyer with next years date on there.


We were then free to go in and listen until about 9pm, we had to get some more stuff to hand out.  I did get to see some of Mandisa's concert last night.  FANTASTIC, the 3 songs I heard anyway!

I didn't sleep well, I won't bore you with that...  Overslept today and go to the arena 10 minutes late.  No worries, we were given more flyers to hand out.  Then were told to meet at 10, right in the middle of Patsy and Marilyn's sessions.  I like those ladies and missed hearing them.  :(  Marilyn did mention that this will be her last season with WoF.  God bless you and keep you in His light on your next adventure Marilyn!  I missed about 2 hours of the event when I had to help hand out the lunches.  I got to mingle with the other helpers, but missed these speakers.  The upside is that my lunch was yummy and paid for by the conference.  Then we were free for about 3 hours.  I got to hear Brenda Warner speak and am looking forward to reading her book now! I also got to hear most of Amy Grant's concert.  She was fantastic.

Overall, I am not sure that I want to volunteer again in the near future.  Not until I get some serious soul healing anyway.  I do want to attend next year with a group of my family and friends.  So mark you calendars and start saving your money ladies, I will be organizing something in the new year!!!!

Off N Running,