Friday, September 14, 2012

Recipe crazy

I am really struggling with the menu planning here.  Anyone got any suggestions?  I am trying to cut the dairy, as it is not good for my body.  We are also not eating meat, fish yes, other meats no.  See why I am having a hard time?!?! 

Pinerest is not helping.  Although I have found some pins with great Menu Planning printables, these don't do the planning for me!  If you are interested in seeing what I have pinned, here are the sites:

The Project Girl ~ I like this one because it gives you space for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  I don't need all the lunch squares now that the kiddos are in school and carrying a lunch, but summer and vacations it is good.

The Sisters Cafe ~ I like this one for the same as above, plus you can do a grocery list.

Homeschool Creations/No Ordinary Moments ~ I just love everything Jolanthe puts together!  She has great homeschool printables and these menu planners.  I like that I can edit and print off each month with her planner.

I have also fallen in love whit Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers.  She has a post about menu planners, too.  What I am loving about her blog is all the great recipes she has made simple.  We LOVE Tomato Soup and grilled cheese.  Laura has an easy, yummy recipe for homemade tomato soup.  I have 4 quarts put away, but need to make more!    I made her Cream of Mushroom Soup recipe and used it instead of store bought canned stuff in a rice recipe.  YUMMY!!!!!

DH has been tracking our meals somewhere and said the other night that he has about 23 different dinners we have made at home.  Um, ok, but what about trying new recipes.  I have TONS of those.  And what about all the shopping?  One of the things I hope to get a grasp on now that the kids are in school, menu planning.

Off N Running Menu Planning,