Sunday, September 9, 2012

A new school year

The first day of school for my older two was September 4.  Man were they excited.  So much so that they went to bed BEFORE 8pm.   Because I am training for a half marathon, I told the kiddos that I need them to help me out by making their own lunches this year.  Dancing Princess was a bit concerned as it is her first year of school!  I told her I would help.

First Day of School!  ChessMaster is in 4th grade, Swim Chick is in 6th and Dancing Princess is starting K5!
 A week or so ago, I started to "stock" up on lunch box items.  My kids like chips and snacky things in their lunches.  I found some lunch box sized chips at the grocery and had the extra money to purchase these.  They were excited and actually didn't touch them until it was time to make school lunch.  Over Labor Day weekend, we visited my cousin, who has a Costco card.  I picked up two cases of Annie's Bunny Crackers, one case of Annie's fruit snacks and two huge bags of Veggie Straws!  This should last us until I can save up and head there again!  LOL!!

So on September 3, ChessMaster and Swim Chick made their own lunches.  I think I may have completed #65  in my 101 in 1001.  I will keep you updated on that!!!!  Dancing Princess had a rolling start to her school year.  They divided the K5 classes in half, so some started with a Parent Orientation on the 4th and some on the 5th then they all went to school together on the 6th.  Confusing I know, but she was fine with it and we made it work. 

After one week down, I think they are all happy with their teachers and the process.  I know it is going to take us some time to get used to the new routine.  I am going to post about how I hope to fill my days tomorrow!  I am an empty-nester in the daytime now, most days, so that is a post waiting in the wings!   Dancing Princess wants to go to school EVERY day.  Friday night after getting off the bus, she informed me that tomorrow is a day off of school, and that they go the day after that.  On Saturday night, she wanted to know if there was school tomorrow.  I am glad to hear she is liking it.  :)

Getting the new routine down is always a challenge.  Chess Master is going to play soccer again this fall.  We are with the school/park and rec team for the first time, so new schedules and routines there.  Swim Chick starts a new swim season this next week.  Need to get her registered and to practice 4 days a week.  And Dancing Princess wants to go to dancing school.  Got to find out more about that this week. 

How was your first week or two of the new school year?

Off n Running,