Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shaklee Saturday

Joint & Muscle Pain Cream
Today I want to tell you all about this amazing product.  I love it.  As a massage therapist, I trust this product and when clients come in to see me, I ask if they would like some on the problem area.  It is safe and kid friendly too.  SwimChick and BallBoy have asked me to put it on their sore muscles after meets, practice or games.  You all know I sell the stuff, but I wanted to share a testimony from a friend of mine:

It was another Friday night at the gym watching my daughter practice and all was going well. I looked over at one of her teammates talking to her mom.  She was holding her arm and crying. I went over to see what was going on. The gymnast told her mother that her shoulder was hurting and that she could not even raise her arm to scratch her nose. I asked the mother if she would like to try what I use on my aches and pains. She said she would give it a try because there was a big gymnastics meet the next day. She rubbed the joint and muscle cream on her daughter's shoulder.   

Then, I sat back and watched this little dynamo start rotating her arm around slowly at first and then faster and faster.  She ended up going back out to the gym to finish the practice. The next morning, I asked the mother how her daughter was feeling. She said she was a little sore and stiff, so I offered her the joint and muscle cream again. The mom said "yes" and put it on her daughters shoulder again.  Her daughter went out to compete, and she did fantastic. 

She ended up taking first place on all four events and placed first in the all around while setting the scoring record of the gym for her level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bob Kofoed

Thanks Bob, what a great story.  I know my running will be easier to recover from with this on my shelf too.  

Off n Running,