Sunday, October 7, 2012

When did it become October?

I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by.  One month ago today, I was sitting in orientation for the K5 program at school.  My baby is getting on the bus every day, and I think she is enjoying it a lot.  I think she likes the ride home on Thursday's the best.  On Thursday's, ChessMaster gets out of school early to go to chess practice, so Dancing Princess has to come home on the bus all by herself.  (sigh!)  They grow up too fast.
Waiting for the school bus, September 6, 2012

This has been the prettiest fall that I can remember.  And the colors on the trees has lingered!  Seems the leaves started to change two weeks ago, and are just now starting to fall to the ground.  Thanks Mother Nature for the beautiful scenery.  And the warmer temps.  I got to hang out some towels on my clothes line yesterday, and they dried before the bit of rain came.  I hope there are a few more clothes line days left in the month.  I wouldn't mind if it was still above 50 degrees at 5am, but I am getting used to my new running routine too!

What is your take on the drought?  Will we be having a warmer and drier winter?  My kids are praying for lots of snow so we can go to the farm and sled on the drive-way!  We will have to wait a few months to see, but I am afraid we are going to have a warm winter again this year with not too many snow days.

What does your October look like?  Chess Master is playing soccer, so most of the rest of this month we have games on Saturday and Sunday.  Swim Chick starts short course season meets next week.  Dancing Princess wants to start at a real dance school, we are currently not dancing at a studio with a teacher.  She is only dancing every chance she gets in the house and out of it!  To music on the radio, TV or just in her head.  She loves to dance!  We also have Parent Teacher Conferences at school next week, don't forget the Halloween Parties and Trick or Treating, Scouting stuff...

Happy October to you!

Off N Running,