Friday, November 28, 2014

Oh how quickly things change...

It has been a whirlwind of a month for us.  We have gotten some snow in our area, then rain and a bit more snow.  Last weekend, November 22, was the opening day of gun deer hunting season in Wisconsin.  When I was a kid, I remember hunting season was only for a few days, now it is a full week.  I remember my mom helping my dad get his stuff ready, he would always have a bottle of blackberry brandy "To keep him warm".  I never understood how a cold beverage would warm you up, but he took it every year.

As time went on and we moved from town to the country to the farm, he stopped that.  I will have to ask him about it.  My next memories of hunting are from when I was a bit older and we were on the farm.  My uncle, a cousin or two and some of their friends would come and spend the weekend at our house.  They would be up late and out the door at sunrise.  Over time the "hunting party" got bigger and some of those relatives and their friends build a building on the back of the farm property.  This "shack" or cabin (depending on who talks to you and has actually spent time there!) has become the sleeping place.  And it has grown and evolved as people find used parts for it! 

On Sunday, November 23 our lives and the lives of the people in our hunting party changed.  I was sitting in church at 9:00 and my phone started vibrating (Good thing I remembered to turn it off!)  It was my sistier in law, I texted I was at church, she replied, take a call!  That can't be good right?!?!  I got up and thank God I was at church.  Jesus held me in his arms as I recieved the news that my dad had fallen out of his tree stand.  He didn't have feeling in his legs from the knees down.  He fell on his shoulders and had not lost conscienceness.  WHAT?!?!

I was in contact with my sister the nurse most of the day, but it was very sensored until about 8:30pm.  Here is what I know for sure:  He fell about 10 feet out of tree.  His tree stand was old and rotten, it let loose or the branch broke (little fuzzy on that detail).  He damaged one vertebrea - T12.  There is still today, a lot of swelling in that area.  When the EMT's arrived last Sunday, he could not feel from his knees down, and when I visited on Monday that changed.  He had surgery on T12, fused it to another healthy vertebrae.

My kids with my dad at the hospital last night.

Fast forward to today, the day after Thanksgiving.  He has been at UW Madison Hospital and recieving the best of care.  I have Facebook messaged friends and family who in return have lifted my family in prayer.  He still has no feeling from the waist down.  A couple of my friends, who have had family members with this same injury have given me hope.  What I pray is that in the next week or so the feeling returns and we walk him out of this hospital.  He will be moved to rehab sometime today.  He has been getting physical therapy and a lot of drugs!  Yesterday I thought he looked drugged in the morning when I saw him.  Last night he was chipper and not so drugged. 

Many have asked what can they do to help?  Please pray for him and mom and all of us.  It is hard to see an active man not be able to get up and walk over to you.  Especially someone as strong as my dad.  I am very thankful that he is still with us! 

I have been running still and finished 3.1 on the dreadmill this morning.  Run really is my drug and it helps me clear my head.  Monday, after the bad nights rest, I was supposed to meet my cousin for an early morning run.  It was a perfect morning too:  A whopping 42 degrees outside at 5:15am!  I ran a 5 miler before the temps dropped and the snow moved in.  It was somewhere between mile 3 and 4 that my head cleared and I started to get my mom thoughts flowing.  I don't know that I have ever consciously observed that in myself before.  It was interesting and just proved to me that I need longer runs more often.  Which stinks since the snow is starting to stay and the roads are getting icy.  I don't know if I can MAKE myself do 5 miles or more on the treadmill.  Then there is the drive to get to the treadmill at the club...  Oh to have such delemas!

Praying you all had a fun Thanksgiving.  I am

Off n Running,